Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Contrast Are Clear: Obama and Jindal's Proposals

The following is the Republican response to President Obama's speach before Congress. Although many, specifically on Fox News, were disappointed with the speech, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's speech, I thought, provided a good contrast. Outside of his somewhat goofy smile, I though Jindal's words were full of content and logic.

Some think that Jindal will run for President against Obama in 2012. The contrast between the two men were very much apparent last night. Obama believes that government is the answer to our needs, especially energy, the economy, and health care. Jindal, on the other hand, believes in the free market as the answer. If Jindal does run in 2012, perhaps no other campaign will have two very different political philosophies on how to get America on the right track.

President Obama's speech is below:

Friday, February 6, 2009

"Badly Botched" Abortion: Another Way of Saying Infanticide and Murder

Though the mainstream media has remained silent on this case, the story is spreading like wildfire on the web, especially among the pro-life movement. In Florida in 2006:
The Board of Medicine has revoked the license of a Florida doctor accused of medical malpractice in a botched abortion case in which a live baby was delivered, but ended up dead in a cardboard box.
What happened was that an 18-year-old woman who had intended on aborting her young infant ended up giving birth to the child. The response of the clinic, and namely Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique, was by placing the child in a garbage bag and disposing it. Dr. Renelique has since had his medical license removed.

In light of this story a number of questions come to mind:


This is murder. What little news media is reporting on this story is referring to this incident as a "botched abortion" or even a "badly botched abortion." In a culture obsessed with death, these are words that are used to hide the truth of the matter. This is infanticide. Infanticide is murder.

Even though the teenage had intended on aborting her child, giving birth to her child, legally, gave her or her doctor any right to proceed with the killing of the infant. What's worse, the clinic simply discarded the infant into a garbage bag. According to reports, the remains of the decomposing body of the infant was found weeks later.

That is repulsive to say the least.

When will we acknowledge that abortion is murder? Note the oxymoron in this case. The baby was 23 weeks along. As long as it remained in the womb, legally it could be killed. But the minute it was born (still at 23 weeks) it is legally wrong to execute the child. I must ask myself how in the world this makes sense? What is the difference between the baby in the womb and the baby that has been born?

Our terminology only masks the truth. To call this case a badly botched abortion hides what really happened here. A doctor murdered a child because the mother, for whatever reason, refuse to raise and care for her own child. This is barbaric to say the least. This sounds like something that would have happened in ancient Sparta than in the United States.


The utter silence of the media is appalling. If it had not been for the Internet and other news media outlets, I would have never heard of this story. I'm sure some in Florida are aware of this story, but most of us don't keep up with what is happening in Florida.

The silence of the media is telling. To look away when infanticide is practiced in our culture tells us a lot of the bias and worldview of our media. How can we ignore this story? Sadly, our culture and the media that drives it finds "who dressed the best at the Grammy's" and "we have exclusive footage of Britney Spears shaving her head" more worthy of news that the murder of a new born who was treated like trash and left to rot.

But silence is not only in the media. The America people remain silent on this appalling case. In the 2008 President election, this very issue came up and people simply yawned. One website argues:

I think an interview with Jill Stanek, the Illinois nurse who (after witnessing a failed abortion attempt) has been influential in attempting to pass the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, is in order. And perhaps a discussion of President Barack Obama’s efforts against the bills that came up on the matter while he was a state senator.
Remember that enlightening truth. When given the opportunity, our President refused to protect the living because he valued choice over life. The silence of America, her people, her President, her political leaders, and her media is appalling.


As I just wrote about, the discussion and arguments made by pro-choice advocates (what I like to call pro-death advocates) has changed. At first, it was over the question of when life begins. Recently, it changed to the issue of choice. Now, at least as we remain in this economic slump, the issue is economics.

No matter how you frame the argument, the truth remains: abortion is the killing of life. The baby has it's own distinct DNA and although relies on the mother for survival, it exists as its own distinct self. Therefore, the "termination" of this self must be defined as murder.

Abortion is a bloody business. The remains of human corpses abortion have been repeatedly discovered and this story does not and has not happened in a vacuum. First comes abortion, second comes infanticide. Who else will we kill next?


As I just mentioned, the argument over when life begins is becoming more and more clear. When a child is conceived, he is then a living organism apart from his mother with his own DNA. Furthermore, this case requires us to call into question the hypocrisy of the culture. What's the difference between a 23 week child in a womb and a 23 week child that has been delivered?

But the hypocrisy does not end there. Why is it considered double murder to kill a woman with child and yet at the same time that woman can have her baby aborted and it not be considered abortion? The hypocrisy of the culture and the legal code cannot be more obvious.

Abortion, then has become a sacrament of our culture. To erase abortion is to erase everything that our culture believes in. Unconditional sex and freedom without consequences. Freedom over life. The right of choice over the right over life.

This case should open our eyes to the reality of abortion and its horrific results.

The picture above is of a 23 week old infant inside the womb. The same age as the baby that was discarded into a trash bag.