Tuesday, August 25, 2009

William Wilberforce and the End of Slavery: A Legacy of the Gospel

Yesterday was the 250th birthday of William Wilberforce who almost single-handily ended slavery in England. What makes Wilberforce's story so powerful is the motivation behind his tackling of the behemoth of ending slavery. Wilberforce was a lone voice for decades, and yet through perseverance, he brought the institution down. The motivation behind Wilberforce to abolish slavery in his country was the gospel. Wilberforce understood that the gospel, and the Christian faith, was not a passive faith.

The gospel means freedom. The gospel means equality. The gospel means grace. The gospel means mercy. Wilberforce understood that Christ died for all, both free and slave and that all are made in the image of God and therefore worthy of justice. It was the gospel message of Christ that drove him to defend the defenseless, love the loveless, and fight for the helpless.

What Wilberforce leaves behind is not just justice for those who were denied it, or the imperative and possibility of being a Christian and yet a politician, but that the power of the gospel knows no ends. Wilberforce had a mountain to climb and through power of the cross, God used him to bring down a horrendous institutions in Western history.

Let Wilberforce be a reminder to Christians today that God moves mountains through the power of the cross. But the gospel is not just a social message, it is a spiritual message with social implications. Christ died in my place. Now, let us go living as He died.

I strongly encourage you to watch this video which surveys his life and legacy. Here is the trailer for the movie "Amazing Grace" which is based on his life

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Also, watch the movie "Amazing Grace"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Next Step: Is Polyamory the Next Sexual Movement?

What comes next? That's the question that will be inevitably answered after homosexuality is legalized and normalized. Opponents of same sex marriage rightly raise this issue. Homosexuality is not the last straw. As Christians, we understand that fallen man is not content with their sin. Sin, therefore, will only increase and fallen man will seek more ways to indulge the flesh.

So, what is next? Polygamy? Lowering the age of consent? Bestiality?


Polyamory is similar to polygamy, but does not involve marriage and consists of multiple couples who interchange with other couples living with them in their sexual experience. It is non-monogomous sexuality. Marriage is ignored and sexual promiscuity with multiple, consensual partners is practiced. Polyamory could be the next stage in our cultures obsession with unrestrained sex.

I hate to say it but, "I told you so." For those who feel that homosexuality is the last straw be prepared to be proven wrong. I predict that the polyamory movement will only grow and demand to be normalized, organized, and legalized. Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. writes:

Legal theorists and opponents of same-sex marriage routinely (and rightly) make the argument that the legalization of homosexual marriage will, inevitably, lead to the legalization of polygamy. Once marriage is redefined to allow for same-sex unions, any determination to maintain legal prohibitions against polygamy will be seen as merely arbitrary. At the same time, once strictures against adultery were eliminated in the culture and in the law, something essentially like polygamy was inevitable.

And we will give in. How so? Because the same arguments made by homosexuals will be made to defend and promote polyamory. How can we say as a society that they do not have the right to practice their sexual lifestyles in private? Is polyamory not a civil right? Who is to say that is wrong? What is the purpose of marriage? What about civil unions? You cannot legislate morality right? Who are you to tell polyamorists that they are sinners? If they love one another, why does it matter?

You see the point. We should not be surprised by this. The moral decay of the culture has already begun. Dr. Mohler argues:

Perhaps the best way to understand this new movement is to understand it as a natural consequence of subverting marriage. We have largely normalized adultery, serialized marriage, separated marriage from reproduction and childbearing, and accepted divorce as a mechanism for liberation. Once this happens, boundary after boundary falls as sexual regulation virtually disappears among those defined as "consenting adults."

Consenting adults becomes the rationale for virtually any sexual practice. It is the argument made by homosexual proponents today. If two people love each other, who are we to intervene? Likewise, if polymory is consensual, how can we say that it is wrong? How dare we seek to stop it? But the madness will not end there. What about polygamy? lowering the age of consent? even bestiality?

We see then that issues like marriage, family, childbearing, and sexuality become rather relative terms in a society that has replaced absolute, final, and binding truth to privatisation and tolerance. The Church needs to be prepared to fight against more than just homosexuals and divorce. Those are only the tip of the iceberg. As Christians, we must be armed with the gospel that transforms the soul and sanctifies the sinner. We are all sinners in need to be remade. As the culture continues to become more deviant, we must realize that the answer is not just in elections, politics, and law, but in the preaching of Christ and Him crucified.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mohler: Is Cap and Trade for Babies Next?

Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of the Southern Baptist Convention, has written a frightening article. Recently some researchers have proposed that the real solution to saving the environment is not to limit our carbon emissions by driving less or taxing our energy consumptions, but by limiting the number of children we produce.

At the end of the day, if global warming is true and humans are the main cause for it, the only solution is for humans to become extinct. The authors, apparently, are not saying that we should go extinct, only we should calculate the environmental risk of children. They suggests that a woman who is environmentally conscience would increase her carbon emissions by more than 40 times just by having two children.

Do you see what is happening. In a culture that has rejected God have redefined what it means to be human. Children are no longer gifts, but economic and, now, ecological burdens. Economically speaking, children conceived in low income families should be abortion. Ecologically speaking, children are a threat to the environment. Children are no longer seen as gifts to the world but crimes against nature.

As Christians, we should not be surprised by this. Whenever man replaces God for something else, in this case Mother Nature, this sort of lunacy is expected. A secular culture has no time for God and thus finds other idols to serve. Though the propositions proposed by these researchers are outlandish and likely have no chance of ever been enacted (at least one would like to think so), the worldview behind the proposal is significant and what it says about our culture is equally significant.

Our loss of God has resulted in our loss of ourselves. We are mere animals. Here one minute and gone another. The destruction of God in our society radically affects what we take seriously and what we take for granted. As a Christian and a father I am proud of the fact that my son is contributing to my carbon emissions. Not because I wish to harm the planet, but because I find giving glory to God more important.

Dr. Mohler's conclusion is most fitting:

Anti-natalist philosophies have been around even longer than arguments over ecology and sustainability. Given our biblical responsibility for environmental stewardship, Christians should indeed be thoughtfully engaged with the entire nexus of questions related to carbon emissions, climate change, and respect for the Earth. Nevertheless, when we begin to measure babies in terms of a "carbon legacy" and a projected threat to the environment, we abandon the biblical worldview. Human beings cannot be reduced to a "carbon legacy" and the gift of children must never be seen as an assault upon the earth.

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