Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Anti-Choice Sinner & the Abortionist Saint: One a Martyr, the Other a Nuisance

There is a double standard in our culture and it is no more apparent than in the tragic deaths of two men who had differing views on abortion. The first murdered victim was George Tiller, a late-term abortionist doctor who was killed while at a church in Kansas. Tiller's death received wide press coverage throughout the nation. At the time, virtually every news orgainzation carried the story. Both pro-life and pro-choice proponents universally condemned the killing as beneath their cause. Pro-lifers understood that any form of murder is inconsistent with a pro-life worldview

The media spin was rather unfortunate. It seemed that the media used the opportunity to demean pro-life proponents. Tiller's murderer was painted as the typical pro-lifer who was radical and bent toward violence. Religious zealots and violent extremists even though pro-life advocates universally condemned the murder.

On the other hand, the murder of pro-life advocate and protestor Jim Pouillon has received less press. The motive for the murder was based on Pouillon views and persistent protesting against abortion. What is most tragic about this case is that unlike the Tiller murder, Pouillon has received very little media converage outside of pro-life websites. The silence is defeaning.

I have been stratching my head at this. How is this not a story worth reporting equally as much as the Tiller tragedy? Here is an opportunity for Americans to be united under the right to free speech and protest apart from violence. We can differ and debate without the need of violence. Instead, we get loud laments for Tiller and silence for Pouillon. The murder of the late-term abortionist doctor was universally condemned by all and yet the murder of the abortionists protestor goes virtually unreported.

But upon further thought, should we really be surprised. A culture obsessed with death and the shedding of the blood of our little ones see in Tiller a saint who died for the cause of liberation and sexual freedom. Feminists unite. Pouillon, on the other hand, seems to be, quit frankly, unworthy of our culture's attention. He is, in fact, the enemy. With the demonization of pro-lifers in our culture, no wonder no one noticed the apalling murder of "one of them."

While Tiller was canonized by the press and the broader culture, Pouillon has been characterized as a right-wing radical. Those who have reported on his death point out where and how he would protest against the murder of the unborn such as outside of schools. A few headlines, for example, include: "Homicide victim James Pouillon had extensive background of civil violations, many related to anti-abortion protests," and "Former co-worker describes dead anti-abortion activist, killed Friday morning in front of Owosso High School, as radical and committed."

Should we really be surprised by all of this? With a culture whose hands are stained with blood, what is one more innocent life; especially one who vehemetly opposed and fought against the first and foremost sacrament of Church of Western Secularism. Why care about the murder of an innocent man whenever we, defend, and promote celebrate the decapitation of an entire generation without a sigh. Just another day in America.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Graham: The Unwavering Love of God

With the 8th anniversary of 9/11, I wanted to post this message by Dr. Billy Graham which he gave on the 1 month anniversary of that day. What I love about this message is how Graham began his message with the events of 9/11 and goes directly to the cross.

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