Saturday, November 28, 2009

Abortion Reduction: The Danger of Compromising on Life

I have recently written a 18 page paper on Abortion Reduction and I encourage everyone to read it. I have written a number of previous articles on the subject, but this stands as the largest and most comprehesive treatment on the subject I have done. From my own research, I have yet to come across another treatment of the subject from a Pro-life, Evangelical (non-Emergent) perspective.

To download and read the paper, click here.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Truth About Textbooks: An Eye-Opening Documentary

A few weeks ago, I watched a documentary on Fox News regarding textbooks in schools and colleges. Though I already knew about many of these issues, the way it is presented, the interviews, and the examples are rather shocking. This is an issue that Christians need to take more seriously and why I agree with Dr. R. Ablert Mohler Jr., should we begin thinking about an exit strategy from public schools? Of course, that assumes that the government won't take the other options away from us.

Regardless, the issues raised in this documentary are ones that need to be taken seriously. It is time for parents, teachers, administrators, and Christians to stop being so naive when it comes to their children's education and what kids are learning while away from their parents.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Mising Story: Ida and the Search For Secular Validation

Remember Ida? Ida was the name given to a fossil discovered last May that many eager scientist identified as the missing link. The media was quick to pick up and spread the story. With the discovery of Ida came a book and a host of documentaries all arguing that the missing link had been discovered and Darwin had finally been proven right.

We've been here before. Ever so often a new discover leads to the same claim that the missing link had been discovered and the media is always there to report it. Such a claim and "scientific breakthrough" is always front page news. The cameras begin to role, keyboards begin to type, and the world watches with glee as their ancestors have finally been discovered.

But the story never ends there. The cycle begins with a discovery which is touted as proof of evolution, but is finally debunked as nothing more than a hoax. Ida is no different. Though those who discovered Ida gained their 15 minutes of fame, the truth has been uncovered; Ida is not who the media said she was.

What is most shocking about all of this is the lack of coverage this breakthrough receives every time. Just like the numerous times before the false claims that the missing link had been discovered is either not reported or considered unworthy for the front page. To most who got caught up in the Ida craze, she remains proof of the missing link because they remain ignorant of the truth. Ida is not who the media and many scientist said she was.

It is an appalling formula every time it is tried. Scientist continue to make wild claims about new discovers and the media always reports it before a full investigation is made. They blindly buy into the craze only to be disappointed. And it happens every time. And every time it happens those who gleefully welcomed the discovery are unavailable to report the truth.

But should we really be surprised by this? Every time the missing link is reportedly found the culture goes crazy, and when proven wrong, it gets shoved under the rug. Should we not expect this? Only when we buy into the hoax that the media and its many journalists (not to mention the scientists) are unbiased reporters of the truth, do we find ourselves surprised.

What is at play here is not science, but a worldview. Secularism and the modern science community is built, almost exclusively, on Darwinian evolution. The problem with such a worldview, however, is that evolution has yet to be proven. The incomplte fossil record leads to uncontrolable excitement because such a discovery would cross all of the t's and dot all of the i's of evolution. But to discover that fossils like Ida are not the missing link is a major cloud on one's worldview. Therefore, it gets pushed under the rug.

What the media and the culture craves from these discoveries is not breakthroughs in science, but validation of their worldview. Darwin's theory of evolution is the foundation by which modern secularism stands. Secular, relative morality assumes an evolutionary worldview. If evolution is true, then all morality is relative and determined by the culture. Morality evolves with the rest of the world. The modern movement of sexual ethics and liberation is rooted in a Darwinian theory of evolution. Marriage, family, and sexual identity have no purpose or ethical basis and thus are not morally necessary or even needed. Abortion and biotechnology also become issues of evolution. Why allow the handicap and the unwanted live in a survival of the fittest world? What about religion and belief in God? If evolution is true, then aren't such ideas foolishness?

Evolution shapes ones worldview and always has. Theories of origins have always shaped worldviews. Since Charles Darwin published his Origin of Species and later his Descent of Man, people have realized the implications of the theory. Thus when a new discovery is made promoted as proof of Darwin, secularist and cultural elites alike eagerly welcome the claims as a means to validate their worldview, but when proven false, it is ignored without fanfare and once again the world waits for yet another failed discovery.

Despite the repeated broken hearts of secularists, they continue to wait for their validation. The truth about Ida and all of the previous falsified finds should remind us of the desperation of fallen man. To accept the many holes and improababily of evolution would shatter the worldview of liberation from millions of people. So rather than acknowledge the obvious, many continue to wait for the next press conference in hopes of the validation they seek. Ida is not an example of good science, but hope-filled secularism on its ropes.

The battle over evolution is a battle of worldviews and thus the war will continue to wage. To tear down the walls of evolution would lead to a reshaping of the Western world and a likely return to more theistic roots. Likewise, to abandon a Biblical understanding of creation is to redefine the gospel, robbing the cross of its glory. What is at stake here is more than just scientific investigation, but the future of the Western world. Which will triumph in the end: the gospel of Creation or the gospel of evolution? As yet another discovery gives way to disappointment we are again reminded of the Apostle Paul's words regarding a society that denies the Creator in favor of man-centered myths: "professing to be wise they become fools" (Romans 1:22). And fools we have become; that is, until the next discovery.

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