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All Around the Web: Links For Your Wednesday - April 25, 2012

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Dr. Denny Burk - Michael Gerson Gets the Measure of the Man | A great article linked by Dr. Burk regarding Charles Colson. The best quote is near the beginning: Colson was the most thoroughly converted person I’ve ever known.  

Charles W. Colson — who spent seven months in prison for Watergate-era offenses and became one of the most influential social reformers of the 20th century — was the most thoroughly converted person I’ve ever known. Following Chuck’s recent death, the news media — with short attention spans but long memories — have focused on the Watergate portion of his career. They preserve the image of a public figure at the moment when the public glare was harshest — a picture taken when the flash bulbs popped in 1974.

Pyromaniacs - The Simple Gospel | Love this sermon quote from Charles Spurgeon.

When I was about fifteen or sixteen years of age, I wanted a Savior, and I heard the gospel preached by a poor man, who said in the name of Jesus—"Look unto me and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth." It was very plain English, and I understood it, and obeyed it and found rest.
I owe all my happiness since then to the same plain doctrine.

Now, suppose that I were to say, "I have read a great many books, and there are a great many people willing to hear me. I really could not preach such a commonplace gospel as I did at the first. I must put it in a sophisticated way, so that none but the elite can understand me."
I should be—what should I be? I should be a fool, writ large.

I should be worse than that, I should be a traitor to my God; for if I was saved by a simple gospel, then I am bound to preach that same simple gospel till I die, so that others too may be saved by it.

When I cease to preach salvation by faith in Jesus put me into a lunatic asylum, for you may be sure that my mind is gone.

Tim Challies - Don't Tweet That Sermon | This is good although tweeting isn't an epidemic in our congregation because you can't get any service at our church. I believe the hashtag for that is #RuralChurchProblems

Tweeting suggests that the sermon is as much for the global church as the local church.
Tweeting changes your focus from yourself to others.
Tweeting reduces a sermon to it’s tweetability.
Tweeting is two-way
Tweeting distracts people around you.

Kevin DeYoung - Give a Rip? Have a Kid | A very brief but an important post regarding fertility rates in the West. His final point is worth reading.

On the positive side, for this country at least, if current trends continue, America has a chance to actually be more religious in 2050 than today. The least secular people in this country are having the most children (have you ever met a Christian home schooler?!). In general the most conservative states have the highest fertility rates and anecdotal evidence suggests that a younger generation of devout Christians are trying to have more children, not fewer. A silver lining perhaps

Ben Witherington - Ben Witherington on Homosexuality and Scripture
| This is helpful from BW3.

Christianity Today -
Married people have higher wellbeing than singles, divorcees | This shouldn't be surprising.

New research from the US-based Gallup group suggests marital status has a strong influence on wellbeing.

The survey of more than 350,000 Americans found that wellbeing scores differed according to whether people were married, single, cohabiting, divorced or separated.

Married people had the highest wellbeing score with 68.8 – 2.6 points above the national average. They were followed by single people (65.0), the widowed (63.5), and cohabitees (63.3). Divorcees were found to have a lower wellbeing score (59.7), followed by separated people (55.9).

Real Clear Politics - "FOX News Sunday" Panel On GOP VP Pick | I agree with Karl Rove, none of this speculation matters. But interesting.

Wall Street Journal - Romney Visits Empty Factory to Mock | This is actually good politics and campaigning by Romney but I don't think it has gotten the press he wanted it to. Almost I like the "Obama Isn't Working," but isn't catchy enough.

LORAIN, Ohio — Mitt Romney, shadowing President Barack Obama on the campaign trail, went to the battleground state of Ohio to appear at a shuttered industrial warehouse to dramatize his complaints about the incumbent’s economic policies.

“It underscores the failure of this president’s policies with regard to getting the economy moving,’’ Mr. Romney said standing in a cavernous, empty warehouse festooned with a banner that read `Obama Isn’t Working.’ “If you want to know where his vision leads open your eyes.’’

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