Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All Around the Web: Links For Your Wednesday - June 6, 2012

The big news of the week thus far is that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker won:

And his opponent Tom Barrett lost:

Blogizomai - Christian Theology: Blogging Through Erickson - Prolegomena | I am currently engaged in a long series of interactions with Dr. Millard Erickson's wonderful systematic theology called "Christian Theology." I have just finished blogging through part 1 of the book looking at the issue of Prolegomena. Here are the links.
Christian Theology: Blogging Through Erickson - Prolegomena 1 
Christian Theology: Blogging Through Erickson - Prolegomena 2 
Christian Theology: Blogging Through Erickson - Prolegomena 3
Christian Theology: Blogging Through Erickson - Prolegomena 4  
Christian Theology: Blogging Through Erickson - Prolegomena 5  

First Things - Marriage Makes Cents | Quoting from the LA Times

. . . those who opt for single motherhood are hurting not just themselves but their offspring. The children of single mothers are twice as likely as children growing up with both parents to drop out of high school. Those who do graduate are less likely to go to college, even if you control for household income and the mother’s education. Decades of research show that kids growing up with single mothers (again, even after you allow for the obvious variables) have lower scholastic achievement from kindergarten through high school, as well as higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, depression, behavior problems and teen pregnancy. All these factors are likely to reduce their eventual incomes at a time when what children need is more education, more training and more planning. The rise in single motherhood was ill-adapted for the economic shifts of the late 20th century.

Koinonia - Was Solomon Really a Good King? | An interesting post.

The policies and programs instituted by Solomon contributing to the eventual split of the kingdom include

  1. Political alliance to foreign nations by marriage (e.g., 1 Kings 3:1-2)
  2. Tendencies towards religious syncretism in an effort to appease both the Canaanite and Hebrew population in Palestine (i.e., participation in both Hebrew religion associated with Yahweh and the Canaanite cults of Baal and other deities, 1 Kings 11:1-8)
  3. The geographical realignment of Israel into twelve administrative districts in an attempt to ease old tribal boundaries and loyalties (a practice similar to “gerrymandering” in modern politics, cf. 1 Kings 4:7-19)
  4. The proliferation of state bureaucracy (1 Kings 4:22-28)
  5. Lavish building projects that required slave labor among both the non-Hebrew and Hebrew residence of Israel (1 Kings 9:15-22; cf. 5:13-18 and 12:9-11)
  6. The influx of pagan political and religious ideology in Jerusalem as a result of international trade and commerce (cf. 1 Kings 9:26-28; 10:22-29)
  7. The revolt of satellite states as Solomon’s military power waned (with the ensuing loss of foreign tribute as revenue compensated for by increased taxation of the Israelites, 1 Kings 11:9-25)”

Thinking Christian - Ten Reasons We Are Losing on Gay "Marriage" | A helpful list.

1. We have been strategically oblivious.
2. We are unequipped to use our own best weaponry.
3. Even were that not the case, we live in a culture that is impervious to good reasoning, having little education or experience with genuine critical thinking, and being accustomed instead to the manipulations of sloganeering and imagery.
4. Lacking awareness of how to use own best weaponry, we are left with picking up our opponents’ missiles—that same sloganeering and imagery—and lobbing them back half-spent.
5. We have yielded authority to empirical research “experts,” forgetting that no one has any empirical information yet on what will come of a multi-generational experiment in gay “marriage.”
6. We have been weak in understanding, advocating for, and practicing the proper meaning of marriage among ourselves.
7. We are embarrassed to be involved in a “culture war,” having accepted the liberal message that it’s unseemly and that we’re responsible for it.
8. We are overly cautious over what we might lose—tax exemptions, jobs, reputations—by standing up for what is right.
9. We have never adopted a mindset of training for battle.
10. Where we have not made the above mistakes—where we have understood, reasoned, loved, and practiced well—our voice and presence have been stifled by the educational, cultural, and media elite, who have ensured that their message would shout out above all.

Tim Challies - Friends of the Blog - May Update | I'm thinking about jumping on this.  For $39 you get the following and more:

  • A $15 gift certificate for Westminster Books
  • A $15 gift certificate for The Good Book Company
  • A $15 gift certificate for ChristianAudio
  • Discount and free shipping codes for Christian Book Distributors
  • A couple of free books and/or ebooks
  • Free music
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  • Deals, specials, coupons, etc
  • Other things to be announced over the course of the year

Real Clear Politics - "FOX News Sunday" Panel On Proposed Large Sugary Drink Ban | It is amazing that this is being debated this seriously, this long on a major Sunday morning show. This shows us how far the nanny state has gone. I agree with the panelists from CBN that points to parental authority.

CBS Philadelphia - New Fines In Place For Cats And Dogs That Don’t Buckle Up In New Jersey | You read that right.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Click it or ticket. It’s not just for people anymore — at least in the Garden State.

Police and animal control officers are authorized to cite drivers with unrestrained animals in the car. Yes, that includes the back of a pickup truck too. Violators can be fined $250 to $1,000 per offense.

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