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All Around the Web: Links For Your Wednesday - June 13, 2012

CNBC - Facebook Will Disappear in 5 to 8 Years: Analyst | Interesting. The comparison to Yahoo! is a good one. I still use Yahoo! for my mail and other things, but clearly Yahoo! is not what it once was. The question becomes, what will replace Facebook? The Internet is only getting more popular.

Facebook will lose dominance as a major web company in less than a decade, Eric Jackson, founder of Ironfire Capital said Monday on CNBC's Squawk on the Street.
"In five to eight years they are going to disappear in the way that Yahoo has disappeared," Jackson said. "Yahoo is still making money, it's still profitable, still has 13,000 employees working for it, but it's 10 percent of the value that it was at the height of 2000. For all intents and purposes, it's disappeared." 

Jackson said there have been three generations of web companies. The first generation was big web portals, such as Yahoo [YHOO  15.36        ], where content was aggregated in one place. The second was the social web with Facebook [FB  26.81        ] and the third generation is companies focused entirely on monetizing the mobile platform, something Facebook will continue to struggle with, Jackson said

"When you look over these three generations, no matter how successful you are in one generation, you don't seem to be able to translate that into success in the second generation, no matter how much money you have in the bank, no matter how many smart PhDs you have working for you," Jackson said. "Look at how Google [GOOG  580.57        ] has struggled moving into social, and I think Facebook is going to have the same kind of challenges moving into mobile."

Christian Post - Why Go to Church When You Can Watch Online? | Welcome to the world we live in. The very fact that we are debating this shows not just that we are technologically changing, but that we are becoming more narcissistic and self-absorbed. The gospel has been shoved to the periphery to make room for our real gods.

With more churches offering worship services and sermons online, one pastor is making the case that actual attendance at a church is still critical.

Tim Stevens serves as a pastor at a growing megachurch that has four campuses, including an online one. And while he touts the reach of digital services, he wants to make it clear that "the church needs you" and "you need the church."

"If going to 'church' once a week was just about gaining what you need spiritually to make it through another week, then tuning in online would be just fine. You could get what you need on Christian radio, reading books, studying the Bible or watching your favorite TV preacher," Stevens, executive pastor of Granger Community Church, stated on his blog Wednesday.

"But the purpose of church is so much broader than that. It is about corporate worship, praying and studying the Bible together, serving one another and reaching out in mission together. This can't be done in isolation."

Stevens was forced to ponder about the role of the church and the significance of physical presence at one when a friend of his asked "Why go to a church service when you can watch online?"

The debate over online churches emerged in recent years as many megachurches began to broadcast their worship services live on the Internet. In addition to growing their flocks through multiple campuses, many expanded their following with a virtual crowd.

But that left some pastors questioning the effectiveness of online churches and whether they're biblical.

Dr. R. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, argued that allowing technology to serve as a substitute for participation in a local church is "dangerous."

The Blaze - See These Twins Kick Around in the Womb in Detailed MRI Video | Fascinating. Technology only helps the pro-life cause.

Christian Post - Joel Osteen Comments on 'Con Artist' Televangelists, Politics and Homosexuality | Osteen here says he doesn't preach against certain one sins (like homosexuality) because there are a lot of sins (like pride). As a result, he doesn't preach against sin or for the gospel. That is why he has his critics. Its not about what you preach against, but if your willing to preach the full counsel of God irregardless of the cost.

Osteen, who has spoken previously on the issue of homosexuality, commented brielfy on the subject after being asked if he truly believes it is a sin.

"There are many sins in the Bible, and I don't try to pick out one. I don't try to get up there and preach against homosexuality, I don't really preach against a lot of things," he said.

"I think that the point is this: I'll let people study their own Bible, and come to their own conclusions, but I think sometimes the Christian community takes one sin, let's say homosexuality, but pride's a sin. Being judgmental is a sin. There's a ton of them, so I don't harp on one."

Kevin DeYoung - What Christians Do When They Believe and Feel about the Word of God Rightly |

1. They sing (Psalm 119:172).
2. They speak (Psalm 119:13, 46, 79).
3. They study (Psalm 119:15, 48, 97, 148).
4. They store up (Psalm 119:11, 16, 83, 93, 148).
5. They obey the word (Psalm 119: 8, 44, 57, 129, 145, 146, 167, 168).
6. They praise God (Psalm 119:7, 62, 164, 171).
7. They pray for help (Psalm 119: 36, 58, 121-23, 147, 149-52, 153-60, 175-76)

Dick Morris - Who for VP? | I think Dick Morris is one of the best political minds today and so I take what he says pretty seriously. He is at heart a pollster and has used that skill to help a lot of politicians especially Bill Clinton. In the following video he suggests that Romney, whom he supports, should pick Florida Senator Marco Rubio. I agree, but Morris focuses on his race. I think that may help some, but Rubio is very articulate, loved by everybody, and could be president.

Church MagThe Big List of 20+ Bible Apps for Mobile Devices | A great resource for new iPhone & iPad users

Its amazing that you can read your Bible from your cell phone.

The development of “apps” for mobile devices have made it possible to be able to access your bible right in the palm of your hands. It is not an uncommon sight to scan the audience of a church service and see more cell phones out then Bibles.

People have taken advantage of this technology and have turned a device that use to just let you make calls into a place to get fed from the word daily.

Here is a great big list of 20+ Bible Apps for Mobile Devices

Real Clear Politics - CNN Reports: Romney Hogged Massachusetts State House Elevator | This is news? I don't understand how this sort of stuff is reported about Romney and we still do not have the transcripts and records of President Obama from his college years.

Mr. Rogers Auto-tuned. Your welcome world. Sincerely, the Internet.

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