Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Defamation of the Reformation: Ed Young's Ignorant Rant Against Reformed Theology

The twitterverse and the Internet in general is ablaze following Ed Young Jr's recent rant against Calvinism and especially the New Calvinism. Below is the video. In short, Young shows his theological ignorance, his pastoral hypocrisy (he rants about Calvinisms meanness in a hateful way), and his own foolishness (Calvinist don't evangelize? Really? That again?). I agree with a friend of mine, it appears that those who stir the theological division and debates regarding Calvinism/Non-Calvinism are predominately non-Calvinist.

Young should be condemned for his language and this rant by everyone and not just Calvinists. His language is divisive, wrong, ignorant, sinful, and unbecoming of a Christian leader and pastor. I'm not even sure if Young has ever read Calvin or any Calvinist writings.

Add this to Young's list of negative blog posts from a Reformed dude in his basement. Now excuse me while I go continue my work as a Reformed pastor while I minister to the sick, the hurting, the dying, the abused, the incarcerated, and yes, the lost just like all of my Calvinists and non-Calvinist friends.

The gospel is better than this.

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