Monday, September 10, 2012

All Around the Web: Links For Your Monday - September 10, 2012

BreakPoint (John Stonestreet) - Sterilizing Religious Freedom | Stonestreet hits it on the nail. America as we have known it is rapidly about to change and the full implementation of Obamacare will be the key reason why.

The committee that wrote this mandate defined “women with reproductive capacity” as those who had reached their first menstrual period, which, according to the National Institutes of Health, usually occurs at age twelve.

So under the HHS mandate, every health plan except those held by houses of worship conceivably must not only cover contraceptives, but sterilization for children as young as twelve.

Here’s where it gets even scarier. Many states require parental consent for the sterilization of a minor, but as CNS News reported, some don’t. In Oregon, for example, girls as young as fifteen can now undergo sterilization procedures without their parents or legal guardians knowing a thing. All these children have to do is sign a consent form—something which Edwin Black, bestselling author of “War Against the Weak,” points out was routinely faked during the dark days of American eugenics and forced sterilization.

“I find it abhorrent,” says Black, “that a 15-year-old girl who’s not old enough to consent to sexual activity, who’s not old enough to consent to buying a beer, who’s not old enough to drive herself to the hospital could possibly be considered old enough and mature enough to give informed consent for her own sterilization…” . . .

As Chuck Colson warned two years ago, and as we’ve been pointing out ever since, the current administration has been advancing an entirely new definition of religious liberty—one which must bow to any perceived sexual freedoms and which must remain within the walls of our church buildings

Canon Press - Sermon Clip: Calvinistic Silver and Dross |

Ligonier - Top 10 RC Sproul Lectures |

10. “Knowing Each Other” from The Intimate Marriage
9. “The Beauty of Worship” from Worship
8. “The Sword and the Keys” from Church and State
7. “What Is Free Will?” from Chosen by God
6. “Finding a Job that Fits” from Knowing God’s Will
5. “What About Human Freedom?” from The Providence of God
4. “The Drama of Redemption” from The Cross of Christ
3. “The Great Exchange” from Justification by Faith Alone
2. “Counting It All Joy” from Joy
1. “The Importance of Holiness” and “The Trauma of Holiness” from The Holiness of God

CNN - Dawkins: Evolution is 'not a controversial issue' | Dawkins sounds more and more like an old preacher beating his pulpit trying to preserve his dogmatic religion. He speaks of evolution and science like laity speaking of the Divine. Atheism is, after all, just as religious as theism. 

Owen Strachan - Lecrae's Gravity: An Album That Soars | Here is a great, and lengthy, review of Lecrae's new album Gravity which is heating up the charts.

This is a monumental occasion. A Christian artist has reached the top of the iTunes charts. Lecrae's brand-new Gravity debuted at #1 on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.

I'd like to indulge in a moment of nostalgia here. We're never more prone to nostalgia, ironically, than when we step into a new era. You may not have followed Christian hip-hop for years like I have, so I'll briefly catch you up. On the message boards like Sphere of Hip-Hop, I was introduced to fellow Christian rap fans, people from Montana and New York and California, bonded by a love for Christ and a love for gospel rap. We tracked the pioneering efforts of artists like Mars ILL, Grits, The Cross Movement, Gospel Gangstaz, Tunnel Rats, Braille, and LA Symphony.

On this and other outlets, we considered such essential life questions as whether Toby Mac is a rapper or talented pop star. (Most opted for the latter.) We mused over whether Christian rappers could actually make a difference or were forever consigned to small crowds and little trust among the broader evangelical community.

Today, we have a verdict on that last question. Gospel hip-hop is here. It has broken through. It's edifying the church, it's influencing the culture, and, wow, it's moving units

Reach Records - Lecrae - Overflow Devo on 

The Blaze - Even Jon Stewart Finds ‘Tolerance’ At the DNC Doesn’t Extend to Conservatives: ‘Nazis and Evil’ | This is a hilarious bit from John Stewart from the DNC that illustrates that liberals have their own definition of tolerance that is anything but tolerant.

Fast Company - Amazon Introduces The Kindle Paperwhite - And More? |

The first announcement today is of the Kindle Paperwhite, an e-reader with a vastly improved screen and front-lighting. The contrast ratio is improved 25%, according to CEO Jeff Bezos, and the screen has 62% more pixels (no raw data just yet). It's very thin-- 9.1mm-- and 7.5 ounces. There are multiple fonts and more control of the size of the type.

Highlight: The Kindle Paperwhite's battery will last eight weeks even with the light on, according to Bezos.

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