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All Around the Web - May 13, 2013

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Acculturated - It’s Time for Better Women’s Magazines | Amen!

Recently, Noah Berlatsky defended highly eroticized fashion magazines. In his words:

The reason images in men’s magazines often look like images in women’s magazines is that . . . they are both doing more or less the same thing. They are making women sexual objects, and serving them up to satisfy, or more likely to provoke, the desires of their readers.
Although in this case, this is empowering because:

Women get to be in the position of power, looking at and consuming bodies displayed expressly for them.
How sorely ignorant he is of real women. Studies show 75 percent of real women report feeling depressed or shameful after only three minutes of reading a fashion magazine. There’s a good reason for this–the images elevate hypersexualized body image as the primary measure of a person’s worth. The body becomes a tool to be utilized for the ultimate achievement: usually “pleasing your man.”

The Right Scoop - CBS Highlights concern, anxiety & confusion spreading because of ObamaCare |

Ordinary Pastor - Horton: The Word Always Creates the Church | Quoting from Michael Horton's Pilgrim Theology.

The churches of the Reformation do not deny the ongoing authority of the church in its representative assemblies, but the key difference is this: whereas the Roman Catholic Church combines Scripture and tradition as one source of magisterial (i.e., ruling) authority, we confess that this belongs to Scripture alone, with tradition as ministerial (i.e., serving). Just as courts interpret the constitution, church courts interpret Scripture. This is why churches from the Reformation affirm the ecumenical creeds and subscribe to confessions and catechisms as communally valid interpretations of God’s Word. Yet again, it must be emphasized that this authority does not arise from the church. It arises from the canon that the church seeks faithfully to interpret in dependence on the Spirit.

To regard Scripture as the church’s constitution is to directly counter the Roman Catholic claim that the church is the mother of Scripture…

The canon, as the constitution of the church, is what constitutes a people as this people, under this government, in this body. Of course, the Reformers and their heirs never doubted that the church came before the completed canon of Scripture in history. However, they insisted that it is the word that always creates the church.

Washington Times - Duke University hikes student fees to pay for sex-change surgeries |

Duke University is hiking student fees in order to cover the cost of sex-change surgery in its insurance plan.

“The addition of sexual reassignment surgery with a $50,000 cap makes Duke’s student health care plan one of the most, if not the most, transgender-inclusive plans in the country,” said Sunny Frothingham, the outreach chair for Blue Devils United, said in the Duke Chronicle.
The fee increase on students amounts to 0.3 percent, Campus Reform reported.

The announcement follows a March resolution passed by the student government that advocated for Duke to pay for sex-change operations.

The Blaze - This Is the First Woman Ever Placed on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted Terrorists List’ | The first woman to make it on the FBI most wanted list:

"God is Good" by Da Truth:

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