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All Around the World - May 22, 2013

R. Albert Mohler - The Goodness of God and the Reality of Evil |

Every thoughtful person must deal with the problem of evil. Evil acts and tragic events come to us all in this vale of tears known as human life. The problem of evil and suffering is undoubtedly the greatest theological challenge we face.

Most persons face this issue only in a time of crisis. A senseless accident, a wasting disease, or an awful crime demands some explanation. Yesterday, evil showed its face again as a giant tornado brought death and destruction to Moore, Oklahoma.

For the atheist, this is no great problem. Life is a cosmic accident, morality is an arbitrary game by which we order our lives, and meaning is non-existent. As Oxford University’s Professor Richard Dawkins explains, human life is nothing more than a way for selfish genes to multiply and reproduce. There is no meaning or dignity to humanity.

Forbes - Snapchats Don't Disappear: Forensics Firm Has Pulled Dozens of Supposedly-Deleted Photos From Android Phones | Who didn't see this?

A 24-year-old forensics examiner from Utah has made a discovery that may make some Snapchat users think twice before sending a photo that they think is going to quickly disappear. Richard Hickman of Decipher Forensics found that it’s possible to pull Snapchat photos from Android phones simply by downloading data from the phone using forensics software and removing a “.NoMedia” file extension that was keeping the photos from being viewed on the device. He published his findings online and local TV station KSL has a video showing how it’s done.

“I was surprised no one else had done it because of how easy it was,” said Hickman by phone. “It just took a couple of days to discover it.”

Hickman started the research while in a Mobile Forensics Class this spring. He says it’s come in useful at Decipher Forensics as clients have wanted Snapchat evidence from phones in divorce and missing teenager cases. He says they have grabbed 60 to 70 deleted Snapchats from phones so far, with at least 40 photos taken from just one phone.

Christianity Today - Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal in More Than 1 in 5 States |

With congressional votes less than a week apart from each other, Rhode Island and Delaware both have legalized same-sex marriage. According to The New York Times, the decisions represent the "
"latest in a string of victories for those working to extend marital rights to gay and lesbian couples."

Rhode Island came first, following what the Associated Press called "a 16-year effort to extend marriage rights in this heavily Roman Catholic state." Just days later, Delaware became the 11th state to legalize same-sex marriage. Similar votes will soon take place in Minnesota and Illinois, where the GOP chair recently resigned over the issue.

As more states extend marital rights to same-sex couples, the protection of clergy who object to performing same-sex marriages remains a concern. The newly passed laws in both Delaware and Rhode Island specify that "no religious leader is obligated to officiate at any marriage ceremony and no religious group is required to provide facilities or services related to a gay marriage."

RC Sproul - The Heresy of Perfectionism

An ancient heresy of the distinction between two types of Christians, carnal and Spirit-filled, is the heresy of perfectionism. Perfectionism teaches that there is a class of Christians who achieve moral perfection in this life. To be sure, credit is given to the Holy Spirit as the agent who brings total victory over sin to the Christian. But there is a kind of elitism in perfectionism, a feeling that those who have achieved perfection are somehow greater than other Christians. The “perfect” ones do not officially—take credit for their state, but smugness and pride have a way of creeping in.

The peril of perfectionism is that it seriously distorts the human mind. Imagine the contortions through which we must put ourselves to delude us into thinking that we have in fact achieved a state of sinlessness.

Eric Metaxas - Seeing is Believing

But those are just statistics. The video puts them in context. A young woman from Live Action pretends to be seeking an abortion for a late-term pregnancy. And she uses a hidden camera to expose the callous attitude toward human life of a counselor at the Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center.

When asked what happens during the procedure, the counselor—who has worked at her job for eleven years, since the age of 16—avoids words like “baby” or “kill,” and says that the “pregnancy” is suctioned out. Then the counselor goes into how the clinic disposes of the remains, and what the clinic workers would do if the baby showed signs of movement.

And when asked what to do if the baby comes out at home before the scheduled abortion, the counselor says, “Flush it!” as if a human being were human waste!

Listening to the counselor’s cold-blooded answers is not for the faint of heart.  But folks, the truth has to come to light—even if it makes us and others sad and upset in the process.

These Live Action undercover videos, which are perfectly legal, are just the kind of thing I believe Wilberforce would have done in getting the truth out. I commend Live Action for having the courage to make them.

Paul David Tripp on The Evil Inside of Me

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