Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mark Driscoll and Five Ways Jesus Loves the Church

From Mark Driscoll's book Who Do You Think You Are: Finding Your Identity In Christ:
  1. As head, Jesus took the sin that was our fault and made it his responsibility. By dying in our place for our sins, Jesus took our punishment. Practically, this mans that God will never punish those who are in Christ. To be sure, we will reap the consequences of our sin in this life, and like any loving Father, God may discipline us for our good and growth, but never for retribution. the price for our sin was paid once and for all by Jesus because as our leader and head, he has made us his responsibility and loved us unconditionally.
  2. As savior, Jesus delivers us from the horrendous fates that our sin causes. Sin brings death in every conceivable way. Health, joy, friendships,families, and fruitfulness all die because of sin, and one day we will physically die because of sin. As savior, Jesus delivers us from countless miseries and tragedies that our sin would cause in us and for others, and he promises us new and everlasting life in him in the life to come. Because Jesus is our Savior, we don't need to foolishly trust in false and functional saviors or lose hope, even in the worst seasons.
  3. As giver, Jesus gave himself for his bride. his comfort, safety, and well-being were not his highest priority. In humility, he set aside his rights and life in service to his bride, the church. Today, Jesus remains the same and continues to give lavishly of himself for our good.
  4. As sanctifier and cleanser, Jesus is patient with us, never gives up on us, and always seeks to make us more holy. Jesus is not sick of you, done wit you, or overwhelmed by you. he is sanctifying you, cleansing you, and has hope for you. He is not finished with you and will not be until you see him face to face as a friend.
  5. As nourisher and cherisher, Jesus loves you and the rest of his people enthusiastically, not begrudgingly or regrettably. And he continually reveals to us through Scripture the areas where he longs to help us grow and change. He does this not by standing back and making demands of us but rather lovingly placing his life in us through the Holy Spirit. (190-191)

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