Thursday, June 13, 2013

All Around the Web - June 13, 2013

Business Insider - The Stunning Downfall Of MSNBC In Five Charts |

DC Innes (World Magazine) - Obama’s greatness only through government |

Presidents can be puzzling. They campaign high, but govern low … except sometimes. They tack one way, then another. But occasionally they let slip what they’re really about. Arguably, Barack Obama did this in his commencement address at Ohio State University last month. 

The president’s theme was citizenship, and he spoke of it in morally exalted and traditional terms: “a recognition we are not a collection of strangers; we are bound to one another by a set of ideals and laws and commitments, and a deep devotion to this country that we love.” He highlighted the neighborly acts of “courage and compassion” occasioned by hurricane devastations and the Boston bombing. . . .

So does Obama favor civic participation or passive enjoyment of government care? He says he deplores spectator citizenship, generously quoting his Republican predecessor: “America needs more than taxpayers, spectators, and occasional voters. America needs full-time citizens.” Yet that is precisely what the progressive state produces, unless participation means activism for further expanding the progressive state. 

So it seems that if the dreams of our president come true through the OSU graduating class, our heritage of self-government or, citizenship “in its fullest sense,” will be a civic life governed by the likes of the Internal Revenue Service, the Environmental Protect Agency, the Department of Education, and Obamacare. Inspiring.

Newsbusters - Crowd Erupts in Thunderous Applause When Leno Says Obama Should Close IRS Instead of Gitmo |

Trevin Wax - 7 Ways of Preaching Christ from the Old Testament |

1. Redemptive-Historical Progression
2. Promise-Fulfillment
3. Typology
4. Analogy
5. Longitudinal Themes
6. New Testament references
7. Contrast

Research News - Estimate: A New Amish Community is Founded Every 3 1/2 Weeks in U.S. | This is a reminder that religions spread through Conversions and Children. No doubt the Amish have the latter of those two figured out.

A new census of the Amish population in the United States estimates that a new Amish community is founded, on average, about every 3 ½ weeks, and shows that more than 60 percent of all existing Amish settlements have been founded since 1990.

This pattern suggests the Amish are growing more rapidly than most other religions in the United States, researchers say. Unlike other religious groups, however, the growth is not driven by converts joining the faith, but instead can be attributed to large families and high rates of baptism.

In all, the census counts almost 251,000 Amish in the United States and Ontario, Canada, dispersed among 456 settlements, the communities in which members live and worship. The 1990 census estimated that there were 179 settlements in the United States.

If the growth of the Amish population continues at its current rate, the Ohio State University researchers predict that the census could exceed 1 million Amish and 1,000 settlements shortly after 2050, and these numbers will bring economic, cultural, social and religious change to the rural areas that attract Amish settlement.

Clearly the death of the phone booth is a good thing.

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