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Barna Group - The Books Americans Are Reading—And What that Reveals About Us |

Eric Metaxas - Time For a Good Book |

Summer is upon us. Memorial Day has come and gone, the kids are getting out of school, the neighborhood pool is open. And if you’re getting ready for that long-awaited family vacation, I hope you’re also making plans for the books you’ll take with you.

Chuck Colson started a tradition here at BreakPoint years ago. He’d poll the staff for our recommendations for summer reading, and then post them all on our website. In honor of Chuck—who loved books even more than I do—we’re keeping that tradition alive.
But before you run off to your computer to see BreakPoint’s  summer reading list at, let me give you a few of my own picks.

SBTS - What is a Sermon? |

What is A Sermon from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.

Dr. Chad Owen Brand - Social Justice the New World Peace? | Sounds like I'm going to have to get the new Jonah Goldberg book after all.

Jonah Goldberg's latest book, The Tyranny of Cliches may not be as much of a blockbuster as his previous book, Liberal Fascism, but it has some earth shattering moments. Especially his chapter on “Social Justice.” That phrase is the mantra on everyone's list (or mission statement), from the AFL-CIO (of course) to The Ford Foundation to various speeches given mostly by Democrats. As Miss America contestants have long stood for World Peace, so now everyone and his Auntie are standing for Social Justice. 

Goldberg, Deconstructionist Master of the Right, insightfully tracks the history of the term, but, more importantly, demonstrates with rapier precision, that the term itself is totally meaningless, and is simply a tool to be used by master communicators for exercising their will to political power. . . . 

At the heart of Goldberg's chapter is his exposition of Friedrich Hayek's brilliant analysis of Social Justice. Hayek argued “Only situations that have been created by human will can be called just or unjust. Social justice does not belong to the category of effort but that of nonsense, like the term 'a moral stone.'” Goldberg goes on to say that it makes no sense to speak of Social Justice in a free society because to do so assumes that we should not in fact live in a free society. Rather, the way Social Justice is being employed today the idea is that the State should impose itself into the fray and impose its will to establish this new form of justice, no matter what the consequences. He goes on to cite a UN paper on Social Justice that declares, “Social Justice is not possible without strong and coherent redistributive policies conceived and implemented by public agencies.” In other words, in order for Social Justice to be implemented be ready to open your door to jack-booted and gun-wielding confiscators ready to carry out the latest phase of enacting justice.

John Stonestreet - The IRS Targets Adoption

News broke a few weeks ago that the Internal Revenue Service had targeted conservative groups. But it wasn’t just political groups at the receiving end of the agency’s abuse of power.

According to the Taxpayer Advocate Service, an unbelievable 90% of families claiming the adoption tax credit on their return last year were subject to examination, and almost 70% got audited.
Writing at, David French—an adoptive parent himself—puts a face to these numbers. For parents adopting from overseas, much of the detailed financial documentation the IRS requires during an audit simply doesn’t exist. Add the time, expense and stress of undergoing the financial equivalent of a full body search right after welcoming a new child, and he’s right to call the entire scandal, “beyond the pale.”

Yahoo! - Local News Catfight Alert! Anchor and Meteorologist Get Snippy on Air [Video] |

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