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All Around the Web - June 21, 2013

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Gospel Coalition - 8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Seminary |

1. Serve the Local Church
2. Read the Bible
3. Prioritize Your Marriage
4. Exercise and sleep.
5. Beware of cynicism and arrogance.
6. Find out which professors to take.
7. Learn the Languages
8. Study hard and take the hard classes

Denny Burk - Former SBC President explains why his church is severing ties with the Boy Scouts |

WORLD Magazine - Connecting the dots between sex trafficking and pornography |

Sex trafficking is the issue de jour on college campus. Students attend documentaries, hold charity walks, and put on bake sales to raise money for safe houses and victim restoration. Special speakers spread awareness about girls trapped in the sex industry against their will.

While most anti-trafficking work focuses on helping victims, few students talk about what propels women into the trade: The continued demand by men to buy women and the role internet pornography plays in that demand.

Lisa Thompson, the Salvation Army’s liaison for the abolition of sexual trafficking, notes the glamour attached to “saying you’re doing anti-trafficking work,” adding, “It would be nice to see people take on small and unheralded and humble bits of work with the prevention side of trafficking

John Stonestreet - Pornified College | A reminder that so-called liberation from morality doesn't make one moral but opens Pandora's Box.

But Yale isn’t the only offender. Harden says liberal arts colleges around the country have created a sexually hostile atmosphere by denigrating traditional values, and in some cases requiring the viewing of explicit material in the classroom, as in a recent incident at Pasadena College.

Harden thinks the recent increase in high-profile sexual assaults on campuses as a direct result of this hyper-sexualized environment. Oh the irony of academic elites: decry the “rape-culture” while promoting garbage on campus. It doesn’t take a PhD to connect the dots on this one.

Eric Metaxas - Men in Black Robes |

Fortunately, we have plenty of good examples of how pastors can be effectively and biblically engaged in the issues of the day—pastors who stood tall as our Republic was being founded.

The Colson Center’s T. M. Moore points to certain men in black. “The British,” T.M. says, “referred to colonial pastors as the ‘Black Brigade,’ men in robes who fought against them by the words of their mouths as effectively as the colonial militia did with their weapons. To show their disdain of the American clergy, the British quartered their horses in the churches when they could.”

That harassment did not deter the clergy, however. “Many sermons urging the revolutionary cause,” T.M. says, “were printed as broadsides and circulated up and down the eastern seaboard, where they were read and discussed in what were called Committees of Correspondence. These ‘small groups’ were highly effective in preparing the ground for the Revolution.”

Now T.M. isn’t advocating a revolution—except, perhaps, in our thinking about the role of ministers in the American experiment. “Ministers helped to lead the way to a new country,” he says. “Their preaching was bold, visionary, and soundly biblical, and many of their sermons worked to rally their people to the patriotic cause, but within the framework of a Kingdom vision.”

As I said following the election, President Obama may have won the election because of Hurricane Sandy.

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