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All Around the Web - June 22, 2013

WORLD Magazine - Woman sues over botched abortion |

A West Virginia woman who suffered complications after a botched abortion is suing the abortionist who left several of her baby’s body parts, including its skull, inside her womb. 

The woman, Itai Gravely, 26, claims she changed her mind about the procedure as abortionist Rodney Lee Stephens was administering her anesthesia. But rather than heed her request for him to stop, the Charleston, W.Va., abortionist ordered his assistants to hold her down and went ahead with the procedure. 

According to Gravely’s suit, the day after Stephens sent her home she began to have severe pain and heavy bleeding. She called Stephens’ Women’s Health Center and reported she was in too much pain to drive or take public transportation. When the abortionist declined to give her additional help, she called for an ambulance. At the hospital, doctors discovered Stephens had left several of the baby’s body parts in Gravely’s uterus.

The Gospel Coalition - Should Christians Try to Legislate Their Morality? |

SF Gate - A decade on, Southern Baptists adapt to new role |

A decade ago, the Southern Baptist Convention was riding high.

The president of the United States was a conservative evangelical Christian who personally addressed the group's annual meetings, either by satellite or video, at least four times in two terms, and SBC leaders were feeling their influence at the highest levels of government.

Ten years later, as members prepare for their 2013 annual meeting in Houston on Tuesday, the nation's largest Protestant denomination finds itself in flux: It has less influence in government and a growing diversity that may be diminishing its role as a partisan political player. And some Southern Baptists are beginning to cry foul at what they see as discrimination by gays and liberals that violates their religious liberty.

"For 100 years the Southern Baptists have been the dominating religious entity of the South," said David W. Key Sr., director of Baptist Studies at Emory University's Candler School of Theology and a Southern Baptist. "Now they are starting to feel religious victimhood. ... In many ways, Baptists introduced pluralism to America. Now they are feeling like victims of that pluralism

Cards and Cats - Time Lapse of Brian Vicker’s Louisville National Championship Car Being Painted | A thing of beauty!

Eric Metaxas - Speak Truth, Show Compassion |

Of course, doing this will almost certainly result in being called out for lack of compassion. But as Mohler rightly points out, “true compassion demands speaking the truth in love.”

The problem is that just as those seeking to be compassionate often lack the courage to speak the truth, those willing to speak the truth often lack compassion. According to Mohler, we must reach out to [gay people] with “a sincerity that makes that love tangible.”

Well, what would such a sincerity look like? For starters, it would make it clear that same-sex attraction itself is not a sin—acting on that attraction is what is sin. By and large, we cannot help to whom we’re attracted, but we can help what we do about the attraction.

Which raises another point: We need to embrace, in both word and deed, the truth that all Christians, regardless of sexual orientation and regardless of marital status, are called to practice chastity.

Chastity is not the renunciation of sexuality but “the right or reasonable use of it.” It is just as possible for married people to be unchaste as for unmarried people. Think about divorce and remarriage, which Jesus called adultery, or about flirtatious behavior, or the use of pornography.

While our persistent failure with regard to chastity doesn’t give us license to ignore the issues of same-sex marriage and homosexuality, it helps explain why people think we’re motivated by something besides a love for the truth.

Of course, presenting the whole truth about unchastity, heterosexual or homosexual, requires even more courage than merely speaking out about homosexual behavior. But both are sins and we should care.

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