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Russell Moore - Is Your Church Ready for the Marriage Revolution? |

The Supreme Court of the United States is set to hand down a set of decisions this summer that could advance a cultural and political shift in the way marriage is defined in this country. Is your church ready for this? 

By that, I don’t mean whether your church has a position on the definition of marriage, or whether your people are ready to express their opinions or vent their outrage on social media or talk radio. All that’s easy. The question is whether our churches are ready to create marriage cultures that matter, regardless of the cultural moment. . . . 

I have argued for years that our churches aren’t an embassy of biblical ethics in a sea of sexual revolution. The embassy is aflame, and the sexual revolutionary flag is waving atop our consulate. We’ve surrendered on marriage in too many ways: on its permanence, on fidelity, and even too many times on its nature rooted in sexual complementarity. Just because we’re not marrying two grooms or two brides, yet, doesn’t mean we’re standing firm on marriage.

LifeSite News - Doctor Who Did 1,200 Abortions Tells Congress to Ban Them |

Relevant Magazine - The Justice Side of Porn |

The truth is, porn performers might have far more in common with victims of human trafficking than you might think. A growing body of evidence suggests that pornography fuels demand for prostitutes—and therefore, human sex trafficking victims, who often end up ensnared in both trades.
The porn industry is tightly intertwined with the “industry” of sex trafficking. The porn industry is tightly intertwined with the “industry” of sex trafficking, as the Johns Hopkins’ Protection Project has recently investigated. Their research has identified several links:

1) Forced participation in film production
2) Forced participation in prostitution
3) Forced exposure to porn0

Please Convince Me - Mormons Are Not Christians Because the Mormon Jesus Is Not the Christian Christ |

Jesus is Not Jesus If You Change His Nature

In a similar way, if you were to ask my Mormon friends and family, “Do you trust Jesus as your Savior?” the first thing you’d have to determine is, “To which Jesus are you referring?” In order to answer the second question, you’ll have to once again examine the nature of the Jesus you are trying to identify. The Mormon Jesus can be described in the following way:

Jesus was first “procreated” as a spirit child of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, then later conceived in an act of physical sexual intercourse between God the Father and Mary. He is the spirit brother of Satan, and is rather common in terms of His nature (in that he is one of many gods who share the same nature). Jesus was once sinful and flawed but earned His salvation through good works, eventually being exalted into godhood (like other obedient Mormons have been and will be). He is not a member of the triune Godhead but is instead a separate god from God the Father.

This description is quite different from the Jesus of Christianity:

Jesus is the uncreated, unique God of the universe, the Second Person of the triune Godhead. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit who supernaturally “overshadowed” Mary (she, therefore, remained a true virgin). Jesus was (and is) eternally perfect and sinless; for this reason, He’s never needed to earn His salvation.

Scribble Preach - 7 Deadly Diseases of Pastoral Ministry |

1. The Island Syndrome.
2. The Robot Syndrome.
3. The High-Priest Syndrome.
4. The copyycat Syndrome.
5. The Justification-by-fruit Syndrome.
6. The Military Syndrome
7. The Answer-Man Syndrome.

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