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Must-Have Free iPad Apps For Pastors

In a previous post, I presented the top 10 free iPhone apps for pastoral ministry. As a poor pastor, I don't have the money to just invest in many applications from the iTunes store, but I have found that a number of great apps are available for free.  Last year I was given an iPad 2 and have had a number of months to download some great apps that enhances my ministry.  Here are a number of must have apps every minister should look into.

Sermons and Documents

PDF Notes Lite - This is the app that I preach with. It is free (with some ads at the bottom left). You will need the Dropbox app (which I include on this list). All you have to do is download the app onto your bookshelf and then your good to go. Your notes won't scroll, but instead reads like a Kindle or iBook document. This is what makes it great. You can also highlight, make notes, and use different colors to circle, mark, etc. This is the most important app I have. If you have not tried preaching from you iPad, your really missing out.  You do not need the Internet or wifi to use this app once you have uploaded your notes.

Dropbox -This is a popular app that is a must for everybody, not just ministers. It allows you to put certain files (especially pdf files) into your dropbox and you can access those files anywhere.  Download the software onto your laptop/PC and you can more easily use it and then whatever devices have Dropbox can easily pull up the document almost immediately. A must have.

Evernote - I am new to this app, but it has gained immensely in popularity. It is basically a note taking app, but it allows you to record audio (great for class and lectures), add pictures, and jot down notes all together. I recently used it in an alumni class at SBTS and recorded the lectures while taking notes. Each section has a bunch of notes with the audio at the bottom. You can then make the notes public or private, synch it to your other devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or whatever), email it, etc.


Kindle - My personal favorite. I have found a lot of good deals and free books through this app.  Plus, you can buy my book! :o)

iBooks - The default ereader. I primarily use this to read pdf.

Google Books - Great for old books that are out of print but have been digitalized (is that a word). I have found some excellent free resources through this app. The downside is that you cannot underline or highlight anything.

Nook - I do not use Nook, but if you do this is a must. The app is free and can be used just like a regular Nook only the screen is much larger.

New York Times, USA Today, WORLD Magazine, etc. - One of the great advantages of the iPad is how easy it is to use digital news. Though for most of these, you have to subscribe which costs, most allow you to preview their content.

Zito - I have just discovered this app and I really like it. It creates a newspaper for you by looking at some of the content in your Twitter or RSS reader and searches the web and gives you all kinds of things worth reading. You can tell it what you like and dislike so that it updates itself to what you prefer. It is really worth the try and it is completely free.

Social Network

Facebook - Duh! I believe that every pastor should have a presence on Facebook and I would encourage each church to have a Facebook page. Learn to use it wisely and take advantage of it. You will be surprised what you can do on Facebook.

Twitter - I would also encourage pastors to get on Twitter for similar reasons. I link to my website, tweet quotes I like, and use Twitter to further my ministry. It is a great tool.

Skype - I have done counseling through tools like Skype. It allows you to talk face to face without actually being in the same room.

Oovoo - This is essentially the same thing as Skype.

Facetime - This is a default app and is essentially the same as Skype and Oovoo but with more limitations. I have not interacted much with this app.

GoodReads - This is a lesser known social site that allows you to post the books you've read, are reading, or want to read. You can add friends, write reviews, etc. Its fun, but I don't spend a lot of time on it.


You Version - This is my preferred Bible app but you have to have the internet in order for it to work. You can choose from countless translations (my personal preference is NASB) and can share verses on Facebook and Twitter as well as highlight, make notes, and search.

ESV - Just the ESV Bible and you don't need the Internet to use this app.  This is what I use when I'm at the burial service. I can pull up a passage of Scripture and read without worrying about flipping through the pages of my Bible.

Glo Bible - An interesting app but with limitations if you don't get the full app. Some helpful maps, pictures, and other resources.

Wordsearch - You can pick your translation as well as download free maps, atlas', resources, theologies, etc.


Grace to You - if you love John MacArthur, get this app.

Mars Hill - If you love Mark Driscoll, get this app.

Desiring God - Any and all ministry apps are helpful, but this one is especially good because of what John Piper makes available for free.  Not only can you listen to sermons, read blogs, and listen to lectures, teachings, and conference messages, but you can also download entire books. I have recently used it on the Ruth series I'm preaching as Piper has written an excellent book on the book of Ruth.


iHeart Radio - The one I use the most. I like to listen to the radio and switch between my iPhone and iPad app here. You can listen to whatever in the background while doing other tasks.

Pandora - This is perhaps the most popular music app. Pick your favorite style of music or band and it does the rest for you. Again, it plays in the background. Great for your iPhone and even greater if you are in a 3G or 4G area as you can listen to it in your car.


Amazon - Every pastor ought to read and you can get some good deals through Amazon. There is also eBay and other shopping apps.

Weather Bug - Plan your day and know what is coming. This is the best weather app that I have come across that is free.

WebMD - This is how I discovered what was wrong with my ear. This is great for the middle of night when your child is hurting and your trying to figure out what to do.

Google Earth - Not as good on the PC version, but still helpful. There are also other good mapping apps, this one, obviously, is best for using satellite imaging.

AppShopper - This is a great app that lets you search for free, cheap, and popular apps. I just search for the free ones.

CloudOn -  The description reads, "CloudOn brings Microsoft Office® to your iPhone & iPad and links it to your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive accounts." I have it, but haven't used it. I use WordPerfect (like a dinosaur!) more than Word.

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