Friday, July 12, 2013

A Good Read: Two Males, No Men

I have not and will not comment on the George Zimmerman trial for a number of reasons. However, an article from the American Spectator makes a provocative and yet important point about masculinity using the Zimmerman trial as an example. Here are some of the highlights:
They don’t make men like they used to. One can consult a Danish study that shows plummeting testosterone levels for scientific confirmation of this. Or, one could more easily turn on any cable news network’s wall-to-wall coverage of the Zimmerman-Martin case, a tragedy involving two males fumbling in the dark on how to be men.

Whatever the protagonists may be guilty of they are surely innocent of being men. The six female jurors, not tasked to reach a verdict on the manhood of the central players, nevertheless know the truth of this more than other trial observers. The Venusians know the Martians better than they know themselves. And vice versa — what do they know of x chromosomes who only x chromosomes know?
Later the author adds:
Zimmerman’s screams and Trayvon slamming Zimmerman’s head into the concrete weren’t the acts of men. A man is neither a woman nor an animal. The proper response to an assault by a 158-pound teenager isn’t to scream for help or grab for a gun. It is to punch back or better yet subdue and issue a spanking. And a sucker punch, the repeated hitting of a downed opponent, and the bashing of a skull against the concrete doesn’t pass muster with the Marquess of Queensberry. Perhaps the “No Holds Barred Fighting” dojo that Zimmerman had signed up for would approve.

Their households lacked strong male role models; their society, even more so. Four in ten American kids enter the world without their father married to their mother. When schoolboys begin to exhibit traits natural to their sex, the energetic fellows earn the wrath of detention and Ritalin. Any game that highlights contact — from dodgeball to football — comes under attack. Primetime television celebrates the fop and makes a buffoon out of fathers (see Simpson, Homer; Everybody Loves, Raymond). Jobs relying on the physical characteristics favored in males have been outsourced to robots and foreigners. When a pundit asked “Are Men Necessary?” a few years back it reflected the scarcity rather than the superfluity of the genuine article.

Civilizing men out of existence has come at great cost to civilization. Instead of men, we get feminine imitations lacking beauty. We get lost boys compensating by becoming barbarians. We get Sanford, Florida, February 26, 2012.
The main point I want to highlight from this article regards the ongoing destruction of masculinity in our culture. The feminist have won. We live in a feminized culture run by feminized men and women. As the article points out, little boys are not allowed to act like little boys which has resulted in grown men acting either as an animal or a woman. Or we could say that some men are too tough while others are too tender. Some are too hard while others are too soft.

The culture views masculinity as a curse to be liberated from - so here's a magic pill little johnny - rather than a gift from God that will make him a productive man and a God-honoring husband and father. The absence of father's from our homes means the absence of boys knowing what it means to be male. And we're paying for it.

The American Spectator - Two Males, No Men

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