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All Around the Web - July 17, 2013

RC Sproul - Are Those Who Have Never Heard of Christ Going to Hell? |

That’s one of the most emotionally laden questions that a Christian can ever be asked. Nothing is more terrifying or more awful to contemplate than that any human being would go to hell. On the surface, when we ask a question like that, what’s lurking there is, “How could God ever possibly send some person to hell who never even had the opportunity to hear of the Savior? It just doesn’t seem right.”

I would say the most important section of Scripture to study with respect to that question is the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans. The point of the book of Romans is to declare the Good News—the marvelous story of redemption that God has provided for humanity in Christ, the riches and the glory of God’s grace, the extent to which God has gone to redeem us. But when Paul introduces the gospel, he begins in the first chapter by declaring that the wrath of God is revealed from heaven and this manifestation of God’s anger is directed against a human race that has become ungodly and unrighteous. So the reason for God’s anger is anger against evil. God’s not angry with innocent people; he’s angry with guilty people. The specific point for which they are charged with evil is in the rejection of God’s self-disclosure.

Baptist21 - B21 Panel SBC 2013 Video |

New York Times - ‘The Bible,’ a Hit on Cable, Will Have Its Sequel on NBC | This sequel actually kind of intrigues me.

In an indication of the shifting center of power in television, a broadcast network, NBC, has stepped up to buy the sequel to a hit cable mini-series, “The Bible,” which appeared on the History Channel.

The follow-up series, “A.D.: Beyond the Bible,” will trace the early history of Christianity and again be supervised by the producer Mark Burnett, in partnership with his wife, the actress Roma Downey, NBC announced on Monday. 

“The Bible” was the top-rated new series of the year on cable. Its premiere, in March, reached 13 million viewers and its finale attracted 11.7 million, both enormous totals for cable television — or broadcast television, for that matter. In addition, the DVD version of the 10-hour series, which went on sale three months ago, has topped one million in sales, the biggest result for a TV series in five years, NBC said in its announcement of the acquisition.

No financial terms were announced, but History Channel was also seeking to secure the new series, according to one executive familiar with the negotiations. That executive did not want to be identified discussing a private negotiation, but added that NBC is believed to have bid significantly more than History.

Ministry Grid - JD Greer: Assurance of Salvation |

Everyday Theology - 7 Concerns about How Technology Shapes “Modern” Life |

1. We're inundated by too many short messages.
2. We're more hurried than we used to be.
3.  We're more focused on our technology than the people around us.
4. We've become lazy readers.
5. Technology is making us less happy and mental disorders are on teh rise.
6. Technology is interfering with family life.
7. We have more news, but it's less reliable.

Together for the Gospel 2014

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