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All Around the Web - July 5, 2013

JB Stonestreet - The Lesser Evil |

Dan Savage recently told HuffPost Live Thursday that sometimes cheating is “the right thing to do.” So is lying after you cheat, he said, if it prevents the greater evil of divorce. Inherent in Savage’s advice is an assumption about what marriage is that has been devastating to the institution itself: that marriage is something we enter in order to meet our relational needs and make us happy. With this definition, we have the right to any kind of relationship, and the right to improvise once things change.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how fragile and temporary this understanding of marriage will inevitably be, or how different Paul’s understanding of marriage is when he tells husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church. His understanding of marriage was committing primarily to the other person’s good, not our own happiness.

Gospel Coalition - 9 Things You Should Know About the Bible |

4. The first complete Bible printed in the Western Hemisphere was not in English or other Europeans languages. The "Eliot Indian Bible," published in Cambridge, Massachusetts, between 1660 and 1663, was a translation in the Natick dialect of the Algonquin tribe of indigenous Americans. There were no English language Bibles printed in America until the late 1700's, mainly because they were more cheaply and easily imported from England up until the embargo of the Revolutionary War.
5. The first red-letter New Testament (i.e., words of Christ printed in red) was published in 1899, and the first red-letter Bible followed two years later. The idea of printing the words of Christ in red originated with Lous Klopsch, editor of Christian Herald magazine, who got the idea after reading Jesus' words, "This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you" (Luke 22:20).
6. The Bible is not only the best-selling book of all-time, it is consistently the best-selling book of the the year, every year. (Even in 1907, the New York Times noted that the "daily sales of the Bible, 40,000 copies, exceed the annual sales of most popular novels.") Currently, an estimated 25 million copies are sold or distributed in the U.S. every year, approximately one new Bible for every 12 Americans.

7. According to the Christian Booksellers Association, the most popular versions (ranked based on dollar sales) are: (1) New International Version, (2) King James Version, (3) New Living Translation, (4) New King James Version, (5) English Standard Version, (6) Common English Bible, (7) Holman Christian Standard Bible, (8) Reina Valera 1960, (9) New American Standard, and (10) New International Readers Version.

Resurgence - A quick guide to family worship |

  1. Find a good children’s Bible, such as My First Bible, The Adventure Bible for Young Readers, ESV Children’s Bible, or The Jesus Storybook Bible. Children love to have a Bible they can call their own.
  2. Have a daily time for family worship—morning, afternoon, or evening. Develop a routine for your child. Consistency is good for learning. It will show your child that this is an important part of the day.
  3. Remember to have fun with your children while learning the Bible. Memorizing and learning about the Bible doesn’t have to be boring. Make the time fun and special.
  4. Keep the time brief to hold the child’s attention.
  5. Recite a verse or question several times a day in your child’s presence so it becomes familiar to them. It usually takes repeating something several times before you learn it.
  6. Select a few short hymns or worship songs that your children can sing along with.
  7. Pray with your children. Teach them the power and importance of intercessory prayer. Let prayer become an important part of your home. Pray for your neighbors, your community, the nation, and the world. Let prayer be a way that introduces your child to the needs of others.
  8. Lastly, the home is where faith learning begins, but the real world is where it is lived. Take time to stop and teach your children faith lessons in the car, at the grocery store, or the street corner.

Chip Dean - Why Preach the Gospel Weekly? |

1. It ensures you reveal the point of the passage.
2. It sanctifies your people
3. It trains your people to witness
4. It motivates your people to bring unbelievers
5. It glorifies God

Yahoo! News - Hostess: Twinkies to return to shelves July 15 |

Hostess is betting on a sweet comeback for Twinkies when they return to shelves next month.

The company that went bankrupt after an acrimonious fight with its unionized workers last year is back up and running under new owners and a leaner structure. It says it plans to have Twinkies and other snack cakes back on shelves starting July 15.

Based on the outpouring of nostalgia sparked by its demise, Hostess is expecting a blockbuster return next month for Twinkies and other sugary treats, such as CupCakes and Donettes. The company says the cakes will taste the same but that the boxes will now bear the tag line "The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever."

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