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All Around the Web - Julye 24, 2013

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David Brooks - The Secular Society |

I might as well tell you upfront that this column is a book report. Since 2007, when it was published, academics have been raving to me about Charles Taylor’s “A Secular Age.” Courses, conferences and symposia have been organized around it, but it is almost invisible outside the academic world because the text is nearly 800 pages of dense, jargon-filled prose. 

As someone who tries to report on the world of ideas, I’m going to try to summarize Taylor’s description of what it feels like to live in an age like ours, without, I hope, totally butchering it. 

Taylor’s investigation begins with this question: “Why was it virtually impossible not to believe in God in, say 1500, in our Western society, while in 2000 many of us find this not only easy but even inescapable?” That is, how did we move from the all encompassing sacred cosmos, to our current world in which faith is a choice, in which some people believe, others don’t and a lot are in the middle?

The Gospel Coalition - Never a Dull Day |

Never a Dull Day from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

Chuck Lawless - 4 Steps to Leading Your church to Become More Evangelistic |

1. Do a Relationship Survey
2. Do a Bible study on "How God Sees the Crowds."
3. Train Church Members to Tell Their Story
4. Clear the Church Calendar at least One Night per Week.

NBC News - Horse cloners try to force their way into the starting gate |

Horse race fixers have long used “ringers” to pull off betting coups, but a new kind of ringer -- genetic duplicates cloned from the DNA of yesterday’s champions -- could soon be barreling around a racetrack near you if two Texas horsemen have their way.

In a lawsuit set for trial Tuesday in Texas, the horsemen are asking a federal judge to force the American Quarter Horse Association to register cloned horses and their offspring, arguing that it is violating antitrust law by refusing to do so.

A decision favoring the plaintiffs -- Jason Abraham of Canadian, Texas, and Gregg Veneklasen of Amarillo -- could clear the way for the sons and daughters of clones to compete in sanctioned quarter horse races at scores of racetracks in the U.S. and elsewhere. The clones, who would not themselves race under the request for relief put forward by the plaintiffs, would in many cases be genetic duplicates of quarter horse royalty like Tailor Fit, a two-time world champion -- and a gelding -- who now has a young copy named Pure Tailor Fit.

9Marks - What are the Benefits of Church Membership |

1. Others are commited to you
2. Elder protection
3. Safety net.
4. Assurance

Rand Paul pokes fun of Rick Perry: 3 good reasons why he could be a good President:

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