Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beliefnets Documentary on the (New) Audio Adrenaline

I grew up being an Audio Adrenaline. They recently came back with a different line up including a new lead singer. Kevin Max is now the front man of the band. Max was 1/3 of the hugely successful group DC Talk and went on to do a number of solo and other projects. Beliefnet did a series of videos covering the process of Audio A breaking up and then reforming with a new lead singer.

Prologue 1: Ballad of Mark Stuart

Prologue 2: Return of the Singer

Episode 1: The First Rehearsal

Episode 2: Kevin in the Studio

Episode 3: The Making of the "Kings & Queens" Music Video

Episode 4: Meet the Band - Dave Ghazarian

Episode 5: Meet the Band - Jared Byers

Episode 6: Meet the Band - Jason Walker

Episode 7: Back on Stage

Episode 8: The Photo Shoot Featuring Jeremy Cowart

Episode 9: The First Show

Episode 10: Kevin Max - Fashion Dancer

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