Friday, July 26, 2013

My New Book: "The Death of Death" Now Available

Some very exciting news. I have finally finished and published another book, this one called The Death of Death: Engaging the Culture of Death With the Gospel of Christ.  The book, similar to my first, Logizomai, is a series of articles originating on this blog turned into chapters. As the title suggests, however, the book limits itself to the topic of the culture of death. In it, I write about abortion, euthanasia, eugenics, bioethics, global warming, and a host of other issues. My primary goal is not to simply say, "this is bad," but rather to show what the gospel says and what the gospel does in light of the many challenges. It isn't enough to be against something. As Christians, we are called to love sinners and be light in the world.

Here is the books descrption:
How should Christians think and engage the culture of death we now live in? Every day new challenges regarding abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, eugenics, and biotechnology force Christians to consider the conclusions of Christian theology and how to minister to those who are hurting. Typically, Christians articulate what they are against, but rarely show how the gospel offers a better way. This book seeks not only to help the average believer understand the many challenges of the culture of death, but also to show how the gospel informs our Christian worldview and how it offers hope even in a culture of blood like ours. Being a pro-life Christian means more than just voting for pro-life candidates and supporting pro-life causes. A pro-life Christian must also show the world the power of the gospel, the love of the Father, the peace of Christ, and the beauty of the local church. Christians must not just condemn the culture, but offer the grace of Christ that touches the lives of those in the culture. It is a call to understand the challenges of the culture of death and, at the same time, a call for Christians to actively seek the end of this culture that is consumed with blood.
Here are the chapters:

1. Welcome to Plan B: Abortion as Contraception
2. Criminal Parents & Aborted Children: Is Rape and Incest Moral Reasons to Abort
3. Safe, Legal, & Abundant: The Shocking Truth of a Common Abortion Slogan
4. Are Ultrasounds Enough?: The Limits of Technology in the Abortion Debate
5. The Economics of Abortion: The Fiscal Problem of Aborting 55 Million Citizens
6. The Wall Doesn’t Exist: What the Contraceptive Mandate Reveals the Separation of State & Church
7. Frozen Embryos & the Gospel of Christ: Is It Time to Consider Embryo Adoption?
8. Eugenics in the Present Tense: The Reality of Eugenics in America Today
9. The Dark Reality of Secular Eschatology: Saving the Planet With One Child at a Time
10. The Kingdom of God is at Hand!: Sermon Preached on Sanctity of Life Sunday 2013
Appendix: “Great Forgiveness For Great Sin”: A Sermon Preached By Charles Hadden Spurgeon on December 31, 1876

The final two chapters, the conclusion and appendix, are just as important as the rest of the book. In the conclusion, I call out the church, both ministers and members, to reevaluate how they are reaching the culture of death. It isn't enough to stand on the soap box, we must also comfort, serve, love, and reach those hurt by the culture of death. The gospel is greater than all our sin. It is for this reason that I include the appendix. In his sermon, the Prince of Preachers, Charles Spurgeon, walks the reader through the hope of the gospel.

The book is available online and can be bought at the following links.

Amazon - Full price $9.99
Createspace - Full price $9.99

The book started as a digital/Kindle book. I have since updated it and expanded it publishing it now in print. I will publish it as a Kindle book soon and make the link available. As I did with the Kindle book, I will continue to occasionally interact with the book following the Death of Death tag. I will also post other resources associated with the book including chapters that did not make it into the book.

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