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All Around the Web - August 1, 2013

Joe Carter - 9 Things You Should Know About Social Media |

6. Women account for most users of social media. The male vs. female ratio of social media users: Facebook - 60% female/40% male; Twitter - 60% female/40% male; Pinterest - 79% female/21% male; Google Plus - 29% female/71% male; LinkedIn - 55% female/45% male.

7. Older users account for the recent growth of social media platforms. On Twitter the 55-64 year age bracket is the fastest growing demographic with 79% growth rate since 2012. The fastest growing demographic on Facebook's and Google Plus' networks are the 45 to 54 year age bracket at 46% and 56% respectively.

8. We interact with our mobile devices 40 to 80 times a day. 91% of mobile Internet access is for social activities. 73% of smartphone owners access social networks through apps at least once per day. 50% of smart phones connect to Facebook every hour of every day.

9. 45 percent of church staff use Facebook every day. 51 percent of churches said that at least one of their senior staff regularly blogs or updates social media. 56 percent allowed or encouraged staff members to update their personal social media pages while at work. 46 percent of churches say that social media is their most effective outreach method.

John Stonestreet - Abortion and Media Bias |

Ben Domenech of Real Clear Politics begins a great article by writing, “Obviously the overall story about how Americans view the right to marriage is one of ever increasing majorities. From just a few years ago, when Americans were split on the issue at best, they now have marked majorities in favor of same sex marriage—71 percent according to some polls, 86 percent according to others. The argument has been won, and cultural unanimity is virtually complete.”

Then Domenech reveals his sleight of hand by saying, “Oh, my mistake. It’s actually around half of Americans who favor gay marriage.” The figures Domenech cited are actually related to the percentage of Americans “who support banning abortion after the first trimester (13 weeks), and after the second trimester (28 weeks), respectively.”

Let me repeat that… More than 70 percent of Americans oppose abortion after the first trimester. If your only news is from the mainstream media, you’d never know this. Instead, we continue to hear that Americans are split down the middle on abortion, even though we really aren’t.

Tullian Tchividjian - Is Your Life Defined by a Ladder or a Cross? |

In a very real way, our lives are defined by how we answer that question. Specifically, our lives are defined either by a cross or by a ladder. The ladder symbolizes our ascension—our effort to “go up.” The cross symbolizes God’s descension—his coming down.

There is no better story in the Old Testament, or perhaps the whole Bible, for depicting the difference between the ladder-defined life and the cross-defined life than that of the Tower of Babel.

In Genesis 11:4, the people make a decision. “Come, let us build ourselves a city,” they said, “with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves.” This is humanity in a nutshell. We want desperately to be known, appreciated, lauded, and extolled. We want to secure our own meaning, significance, and worth. We give our all to these objectives.

But then something funny happens.

Denny Burk - Kirsten Powers tells about her conversion to Christ |

Here’s an excerpt:

Really, I mean it was just sort of like God…invading my life. It was very unwelcome. I didn’t like it… I started having a lot of different experiences where I just felt…God doing a lot of things in my life. It’s kind of hard to describe, but I did just have this moment of the scales falling off my eyes, and just saying, ‘this is totally true, I don’t even have any doubt’…

I don’t really feel like I had any courage…when I became a Christian, I just gave in… It wasn’t courageous; I didn’t have any choice. I kept trying to not believe and I… just couldn’t avoid it. If I could have avoided it, I would have. There is nothing convenient about it in my life, in the world I live in. It’s not like living in the South or living somewhere where everybody is a Christian. I live in a world where nobody is a believer.

As I said, this is a great interview, and I recommend that you listen to the whole thing.

Thinking Christian - Idolatry of Evolution |

We’ve come full circle and then some since the days of the Israelites. God warned Jeremiah (Jer. 2:27) concerning those
who say to a tree, “You are my father,”
and to a stone, “You gave me
The error is obvious. These idol worshipers were ascribing great power and personal intentionality to inanimate objects that possessed neither.
We’re much wiser now. Or are we? I wonder about those
who say to random variation, “You are our father,”
and to natural selection, “You gave us birth.”
We’re back to ascribing great power to inanimate processes — which lack even the intentionality that idols were imagined to have.

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