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Trevin Wax - Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church: A Response to Rachel Held Evans

Is the Church Obsessed with Sex, or is it the Culture?

Following Jesus leaves no part of our life unchanged.
That’s why it strikes me as odd that Rachel sees “obsession with sex” as one of the biggest obstacles for contemporary Christianity to overcome. I visit lots of churches, and I find that sexuality is not a frequently discussed subject from most church platforms or Bible studies. In fact, one could make the case that Christians haven’t talked enough about Jesus’ radical zealousness when it comes to sexuality. The fact that cohabitation, premarital sex and pornography are often overlooked among our congregations betrays the vision of sexuality Jesus put forward – a vision of the sacredness of a man and woman’s covenant for life, one that excludes even lustful thoughts from God’s design.
When it comes to sexual obsession, we ought to take a look at pop culture. One can hardly watch a TV show or a popular movie without being assaulted with sexual innuendos, crude jokes, or overt displays of all kinds of sexuality. Pastors and church leaders go on news talk shows and are badgered about their views of sexuality, as if nothing else matters but that the church join in and celebrate our culture’s embrace of Aphrodite in all her warped splendor.

LifeNews - 42nd Abortion Clinic Closed This Year Due to Filthy, Unsafe Conditions |

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services announced Wednesday that it has suspended the license of Femcare, an abortion clinic in Asheville, for two dozen serious health and safety violations discovered during a routine inspection on July 18 and 19th.

This action comes just two days after Gov. Pat McCrory signed a law that will require abortion clinics to meet the standards of an outpatient surgery center. Ironically, it was thought that Femcare would be the only North Carolina abortion clinic to meet safety standards under the new law, but it seems it that thinking was grossly in error. Femcare was last inspected 6½ years ago. The closure is not directly related to the new law.

This is the 42nd abortion clinic to close nationally in 2013. Clinic safety regulations have contributed to many of the closings. This number far eclipses the 24 abortion clinics that closed in 2012. Since 1991, over 70% of all abortion clinics in the U.S. have closed.

Joe Carter - 9 Things You Should Know About the Scopes Monkey Trial |

3. Scopes wasn't a martyr--he was a co-conspirator -- Although John T. Scopes was the plaintiff in the famous trial, he was not the regular biology teacher but a football coach who only taught the subject as a substitute. When Rappelyea approached him about being the 'sacrificial lamb' Scopes hesitantly agreed to go along with the PR stunt. Local prosecutors — who were also in on the plan — swore out a warrant for Scopes who was arrested and immediately released on bail pending trial.

6. The prosecution's "Bible expert" believed in the day-age theory -- During the trial William Jennings Bryan took the stand as an expert witness on the Bible. In response to Darrow's relentless questions as to whether the six days of creation were twenty-four hour days, Bryan said "My impression is that they were periods." (The next day the judge ruled that Bryan's testimony be stricken from the record as evidence.)

7. Teaching evolution . . . and eugenics -- The biology book that was used by Scopes was George William Hunter's Civic Biology. Although a standard biology text, it included the author's championing of eugenics and white supremacy, his contempt for people with disabilities, and his dislike of charity for the "inferior."
8. The defense wanted to lose the case -- As the trial neared an end, Darrow asked the jury to return a verdict of guilty in order that the case might be appealed to the Tennessee Supreme Court. They complied and the judge handed down the $100 fine to Scopes. H.L. Mencken, whose coverage of the trial for The Baltimore Sun swayed public opinion against the anti-evolutionists, paid the fine for Scopes.

9. The ruling was reversed, but no one wanted to retry the case -- A year after the trial, the Tennessee Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Dayton court on a technicality (the fine should have been set by the jury rather than the judge). Rather than send the case back for further action, however, the Tennessee Supreme Court dismissed the case claiming, "Nothing is to be gained by prolonging the life of this bizarre case."

John Stonestreet - BroChoice

In 2007, NBA star J. J. Reddick paid his then-girlfriend, model Vanessa Lopez, to abort their unborn baby in exchange for cash, according to a story at The pro-life website posted documents where Lopez told abortion staff she felt pressured, scared, and confused about the abortion. Yet doctors performed it anyway.

This is the ultimate example of “BroChoice,” a culture in which men want legalized abortion because they want sex without the risk of children.
It’s another illustration of why abortion-on-demand, the sexual revolution, and the decoupling of sex from procreation hurt women, not help them. Not to mention the babies who are killed as a result of abortion.

WORLD Magazine - ‘Ex-gay is OK’

The cultural shift on same-sex marriage can be traced in large part to people who personally know someone who identifies as homosexual. If a friend is gay, it becomes harder for the average person—who doesn’t have biblical convictions—to oppose the behavior, which is why homosexual activists have for decades urged people to “come out of the closet.”  

On Wednesday, a small band of former homosexuals representing about 10 organizations stood on the steps of the Supreme Court to demand recognition and equal rights under the Constitution.

“Anti-ex-gay extremists say that I do not exist—that we don’t exist,” said Christopher Doyle, president of Voice of the Voiceless and Equality and Justice for All. “Tell that to my wife of seven years. Tell that to my three beautiful children.”

Some of the activists spent the morning in meetings on Capitol Hill. Doyle told me he met with Democrats and Republicans, all cordial, but “Republicans were definitely more sympathetic.”

Now that summer is practically over:

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