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This is both comically true and seriously true about karma. "Social justice" doesn't exist in a world ruled by karma.

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Public Discourse - A Brief History of Sex Ed: How We Reached Today’s Madness |  Read the whole thing.

Once upon a time, sex education was a simple biology lesson. Students learned the facts of life, and, with those facts, that sex is part of something bigger, called marriage. Teachers explained that this was the moral and healthy way to live.

In those days, people understood that men and women are different, and that their union is unique, unlike any other relationship. It went without saying that boys grew up to become men, and girls, women.

There were only two sexually transmitted diseases, and having one was a serious matter. Certain behaviors were not normal; individuals who practiced them needed help, and a child’s innocence was precious.

Things have changed.
Now we have comprehensive sexuality education. It includes discussion of identity, gender, reproductive rights, and discrimination. Children learn that they’re sexual from birth, and that the proper time for sexual activity is when they feel ready. They’re taught that they have rights to pleasure, birth control, and abortion.
The terms husband and wife aren’t used, the union of man and woman is one of several options, and morality? Well, that’s judging, and judging is not allowed. . . . 

The bottom line: sex ed began as a social movement, and it remains a social movement. Its goal is for students to be open to just about any form of sexual expression. Sex ed is not about preventing disease, it’s about sexual freedom, or better—sexual license. It’s about changing society, one child at a time.

You don’t have to be a physician to understand the dangers of this ideology. All you need is common sense. While the founders of sex education are long gone, their vision is alive and well. The obligation to fight it rests on the shoulders of every responsible adult.

Resurgence - 8 things that reveal a woman’s character |

1. Is she a woman of God?
2. Who influences her life and most?
3. Is she soft?
4. Who knows her well?
5. Is she teachable?
6. Is she ruled by truth or by emotion?
7. Is she fearful?
8. Is she wise with her words?

Mashable - Pope Francis to Offer Plenary Indulgences via Twitter | HT: Kevin DeYoung

As a part of a greater effort to use social media to connect with Catholics worldwide, the Pope will start relieving punishment for your sins via social media.

According to the Vatican's Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary publication, Pope Francis will be giving "plenary indulgences" — which is a special act that is said to reduce time in purgatory — to his Twitter followers. The Pope typically offers indulgences to those who see him in person, but for the first time this year, it will extend to virtual visits, too. 

The decision was made as the Pope gears up to visit the World Youth Festival in Brazil next week. The Guardian is reporting Catholics will be able to follow the "rites and pious exercises" that the Pope will do in Brazil online. 

For social followers who have previously confessed their sins, have been absolved by a priest and have attended mass, they can follow along live through the social networking site and receive that special forgiveness. Users must follow the events live to participate.

"You don't obtain an indulgence like you get a coffee from a vending machine," Monsignor Claudio Maria Celli, the president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communication, told Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary. "It's not enough just to watch a Mass online or follow Pope Francis via live streaming on your iPad or by connecting to These are just devices. What really counts is that the Tweet that the Pope will send from Brazil or the photos from World Youth Day produce genuine spiritual fruit in the heart of the person

Thom Rainer - Ten Ways to Be a Better Pastor: Church Staff Perspective |
  1. Have good and open communication. This issue was a strong number one. There was a significant gap between one and two. The communication issue is primarily related to communication with staff, but it also refers to communication with the entire congregation.
  2. Keep consistent vision/priorities. Stick with a major focus long enough to see it through before moving on to the next big vision.
  3. Work on personality chemistry with staff. Interestingly, this comment was number three on both lists.
  4. Empower the staff. Make certain that, when assigning responsibilities to staff, you empower them as well.
  5. Execute. Get the task done that you stated you would accomplish.
  6. Be a good listener. Staff meetings and one-on-one conversations need to be give and take, not dominated by one party. Make certain you are listening carefully when the staff speaks
  7. Be loyal. As is the case with pastors, the church staff persons do not expect blind loyalty, but they do want to know the pastor has their back.
  8. Exercise spiritual leadership with the staff. While the pastor may do a good job of leading the congregation spiritually, make certain that he does the same for the staff.
  9. Lead strongly but not autocratically. This issue does not seem nearly as pervasive as it was a few years ago.
  10. Keep good relationships with other staff and church members. Unity on staff and unity in the church are critical; the pastor sets the key example for this unity.

Albert Mohler - Has God Called You? Discerning the Call to Preach |

Has God called you to ministry? Though all Christians are called to serve the cause of Christ, God calls certain persons to serve the Church as pastors and other ministers. Writing to young Timothy, the Apostle Paul confirmed that if a man aspires to be a pastor, “it is a fine work he aspires to do” (1 Tim 3:1, NASB). Likewise, it is a high honor to be called of God into the ministry of the Church. How do you know if God is calling you?

First, there is an inward call. Through His Spirit, God speaks to those persons He has called to serve as pastors and ministers of His Church. The great Reformer Martin Luther described this inward call as “God’s voice heard by faith.” Those whom God has called know this call by a sense of leading, purpose, and growing commitment.

Charles Spurgeon identified the first sign of God’s call to the ministry as “an intense, all-absorbing desire for the work.” Those called by God sense a growing compulsion to preach and teach the Word, and to minister to the people of God.

This sense of compulsion should prompt the believer to consider whether God may be calling him to the ministry. Has God gifted you with the fervent desire to preach? Has He equipped you with the gifts necessary for ministry? Do you love God’s Word and feel called to teach? Spurgeon warned those who sought his counsel not to preach if they could help it. “But,” Spurgeon continued, “if he cannot help it, and he must preach or die, then he is the man.” That sense of urgent commission is one of the central marks of an authentic call.

Huffington Post - Superman & Batman Movie Coming? Comic-Con Heats Up With Surprise Announcement [UPDATE] |

Superman and Batman will team-up on the big screen, according to a new report from the Los Angeles Times.

Warner Bros. made the official announcement during its Comic-Con panel in Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday afternoon.
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