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All Around the Web - August 31, 2013

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Washington Post - Russell Moore: From Moral Majority to 'Prophetic Minority'

'The Bible Belt is collapsing," says Russell Moore. Oddly, the incoming president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission doesn't seem upset. In a recent visit to The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Moore explains that he thinks the Bible Belt's decline may be "bad for America, but it's good for the church."

Why? Because "we are no longer the moral majority. We are a prophetic minority."

The phrase is arresting coming from such a prominent religious leader—akin to a general who says the Army has shrunk to the point it can no longer fight two wars. A youthful 41, Mr. Moore is among the leaders of a new generation who think that evangelicals need to recognize that their values no longer define mainstream American culture the way they did 50 or even 20 years ago.

On gay marriage, abortion, even on basic religious affiliation, the culture has moved away. So evangelicals need a new way of thinking—a new strategy, if you will—to attract and keep believers, as well as to influence American politics. 

The easy days of mobilizing a ready-made majority are gone. By "prophetic minority," he means that Christians must return to the days when they were a moral example and vanguard—defenders of belief in a larger unbelieving culture. He views this less as a defeat than as an opportunity.

First Thoughts - Only Canada, China, North Korea, and U.S. Allow Abortion After Viability for Any Reason

Carly Fiorina is making headlines for her claim on ABC that, “There are only four countries in the world that have, that legalize abortion after five months: China, North Korea, Canada and the U.S.”

This isn’t quite right. In fact, there are nine nations that permit abortion after twenty weeks: Canada, China, Great Britain, North Korea, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Vietnam, and the United States.

But Fiorina was still right to group the U.S. with China, North Korea, and Canada. Those four nations are the only in the world that allow the killing of a child after viability (usually calculated at twenty-four weeks) for any reason, or for no reason at all.

Laura Ingraham - Why ‘Duck Dynasty’ is a winner

9Marks - Five Reasons We Don't Evangelize

1. Churches isolate Christians from unbelievers
2. We believe that evangelism is extraordinary
3. Churches don’t talk about the cost of following Jesus
4. We look for immediate results
5. We aren’t clear on the message

SBTS - Don't Just Do Something; Stand There | 21 years ago, Dr. Albert Mohler became president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His first convocation message was historic for many reasons that go beyond the purpose of this post. SBTS has since posted the manuscript of that address.

The Seminary Convocation which opens each academic year constitutes a unique gathering of the Seminary community, assembled together to welcome new students and new faculty, and to solemnize the beginning of a new Seminary term. The roots of such an academic convocation are found in the British universities of Oxford and Durham, where for centuries the university communities have assembled to mark the inauguration of formal studies.

At Southern Seminary, the tradition is as old as the institution itself, for the very earliest minutes of the school record formal services at the start of each academic year. A convocation of the Southern Seminary family, gathered for worship and commemoration, is a fitting hallmark of the Seminary’s tradition, and is the cause of our gathering this day.

Today, you have witnessed a ceremony which has been a central part of this institution’s life and commitment for 134 years the signing of the original Abstract of Principles.

The convergence of this ceremony as the first convocation of my service as president and as the occasion of placing my own signature on this sacred document, prompts me to reflect upon the meaning of this confession, on its role as the Seminary’s charter of fidelity, on the priceless heritage of faithfulness of those who have preceded us, and on the responsibility we collectively bear to keep faith with this body of biblical doctrine.

The Blaze - Rare Video of Michael Jordan’s ‘First Career Points’ at North Carolina Surfaces | Once it hits the Internet, its no longer "rare."

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