Thursday, September 19, 2013

All Around the Web - September 19, 2013

Zondervan - Michael Bird Introduces a New Kind of Systematic Theology | I want this book.

John Stonestreet - Darwin's Doubt

Neo-Darwinism, which is the latest iteration of Darwin’s theory, seeks to address some of those gaps in the nineteenth- century biologist’s understanding. But Dr. Meyer, who is a fellow at the Discovery Institute, argues that Neo-Darwinism actually widens, rather than closes, those gaps. In his first book, “Signature in the Cell,” Meyer addresses perhaps the most glaring problem with Neo-Darwinism: It’s a theory about the origins of life that doesn’t actually explain the original origin of life.

“Theories which try to account for life from non-life,” he explains in our recent interview on “BreakPoint This Week,” “have utterly failed to account for even the simplest features of the crudest living cells, and that fact is almost universally-acknowledged within evolutionary biology.”

In his new book, “Darwin’s Doubt,” Meyer takes his argument a step further, and shows that even if the first hurdle could be overcome, natural selection acting on random mutations still can’t produce the sudden appearance of animal varieties we find in the fossil record from the so-called “Cambrian Explosion.” Meyer sees this as an insurmountable hurdle to macro evolution.

“The Darwinian mechanism,” he says, “lacks the creative power to account for that kind of morphological innovation.”

For that, he believes, science and human experience uniformly point to one explanation: intelligence.

John Stonestreet - This is Not History | Stonestreet nailing it again.

Commenting a few days later, Miley compared herself to Britney Spears and Madonna, whose own performances at the VMA’s caused similar stirs years ago.  According to Miley, she and Thicke “made history.”

I’m sorry, Miley, but this sex-crazed performance is not history. Martin Luther King Jr. made history with his “I Have a Dream Speech.” The slaughter of innocent Christians in Syria and Egypt is history. Christ’s resurrection is history. Raunchy performances on the VMAs are not.

David Murray - How To Criticize A Preacher

1. Have I understood him correctly?
2. Have I given this enough time?
3. Have I prayed about this?
4. Is this just personal preference or biblical principle?
5. Have I thought about the best time and way to communicate?
6. Am I doing this out of the right motive?
7. Am I focused or just spraying pellets?
8. Have I considered the possibility that I may be one of many others doing the same?
9. Am I prepared to listen to his explanation and concede I was wrong?
10. Is it in the context of previously expressed appreciation?

Fast Company - How To Read Way More Books (And, Thus, Know Way More Stuff)

1. Always have a book.
2. Make it easy: Have it handy on your device.
3. Make it tactile
4. Make it easy: light stuff for light times.
5. Make it hard: Know when to let it sink in.
6. Make it a habit.
7. Keep your schedule clear.
8. Cut away time-sucks


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