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All Around the Web - September 20, 2013

Charles Spurgeon - Don't Change Temptations

"If the temptations are great, grace also is great."

Many a man changes his temptations for the worse. I should be very much afraid of shifting any of mine; for those I have I begin to know a little about, but if I had a batch of new ones, I do not know how I might endure them.

Our temptations are very much like the mosquitoes of which they tell you when you are travelling, that you had better let the old ones stop on, for if you drive them away there are some new ones hungrier than the others that will come, and you will be worse off than before.

The temptations of poverty you do know, my brother, but you do not know the temptations of wealth. The temptations of the family you know, and you propose to run away from them into solitude. You do not know those temptations, and you might not be able to withstand them. God has fitted the burden to the back, and the back to the burden

CBS Boston - Number Of Reported Rapes Nearly Doubles At Harvard

Ross Douthat - Sam Harris and Scientism

Since I took a passing swipe at his work in my recent post on Steven Pinker and scientism, it seems worth noting that Sam Harris, the noted “new atheist” polemicist, has issued a public challenge to anyone interested in refuting his recent book on “how science can determine human values,” offering $2,000 to the best rebuttal essay and $20,000 to any writer who can persuade him to recant his central argument outright. That argument he distills as follows:

Here it is: Morality and values depend on the existence of conscious minds—and specifically on the fact that such minds can experience various forms of well-being and suffering in this universe. Conscious minds and their states are natural phenomena, fully constrained by the laws of the universe (whatever these turn out to be in the end). Therefore, questions of morality and values must have right and wrong answers that fall within the purview of science (in principle, if not in practice). Consequently, some people and cultures will be right (to a greater or lesser degree), and some will be wrong, with respect to what they deem important in life.

Trevin Wax - Know Your Southern Baptists: Fred Luter Jr.

Why he’s important: After a potentially devastating motorcycle accident in 1977, which Luter calls his “Damascus Road experience,” he committed his life to ministry. He began to preach on the corner of Caffin and Galvez streets in New Orleans. Later, Luter accepted the pastorate of Franklin Avenue, a struggling church that had dwindled down to 65 members. Initially, Luter was a bi-vocational pastor at FABC. By 2005, the upper Ninth Ward church had grown to 7,000 members, but that year Hurricane Katrina destroyed the building and scattered members across the country. Instead of leave the city, Luter stayed and worked to rebuild his church. At his election to the SBC presidency, Luter had saw membership climb back to virtually what it was previously.

His ascendancy to the presidency in the SBC grew from decades of service within the denomination. Luter began to speak across Louisiana, after the state convention noticed that FABC led the state in baptisms regularly. He played a role in the convention issuing an apology in 1995 for their slave-owning history. In 1996, he spoke at the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference. Following that, Luter guest preached at numerous influential churches across the nation. In 2001, he became the first African-American to preach the convention sermon. He also previously served as second vice-president and became the first African-American to serve as the first vice-president of the SBC in 2011. After his historic election to the presidency in 2012, he was reelected this past June and will continue as president until the 2014 SBC annual meeting.

Mark Driscoll - 8 Things Jesus Does for Us on the Cross

1. Jesus is Our Victor
2. Jesus is our Redeemer
3. Jesus is Our Justification
4. Jesus is Our Propitiation
5. Jesus is our Expiation
6. Jesus is our Ransom
7.  Jesus is our Reconciliation
8. Jesus is our Revelation

Special Report - 'Miracle baby' born to one very grateful member of Congress

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