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All Around the Web - September 21, 2013

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Baptist Press - Pornography likened to temple prostitution

Russell D. Moore assessed the "weaponized epidemic of porn" during a chapel sermon at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Sept. 5.

Preaching from 1 Corinthians 6:15–7:5, Moore likened the present-day cultural saturation of pornography with the first-century pagan practice of temple prostitution.

"The temple prostitution of Corinth has been digitalized and weaponized," the president of Southern Baptists' Ethics & Religious Liberty said of pornography's modern-day onslaught, "and brings with it the kind of illusion and anonymity that the temple prostitutes could never promise."

People often view their bodies like machines detached from spiritual consequences, Moore observed, warning those called to ministry to recognize the satanic powers in the world seeking to destroy families, ministries and Gospel witness.

"The strategies of Satan have become so crafty that they are able to promise a cover of darkness, including to ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in a way that is able to communicate with alarming regularity 'you shall not surely die,'" Moore said.

"As you are headed out into the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, if you are not arming yourself right now to recognize what is happening with this demonic strain of sexual immorality, you are not going to be able to stand.

"You are living in the kind of world in which there are digital harems of prostitutes, available and pushed upon every single population in the United States of America and increasingly every single population in the world," Moore said.

Even the language Christians use, such as "pre-marital sex" instead of "fornication," indicates a subversive tendency to cover over sin, Moore said, noting that the term "pre-marital" makes the act simply a matter of timing

WORLD Magazine - The new American dream—living debt-free

Traditionally, the American dream has conjured visions of a well-paid job, a new home, two or three kids playing on a green lawn, and savings for retirement. But the impact of the recession and rising student debt may be influencing how Americans view that dream, and whether they expect to reach it. 

In a new survey by and GfK Custom Research, 23 percent of Americans defined the American dream as being debt-free. That response placed second only to those who defined the dream as a financially secure retirement by the age of 65—an answer most common among respondents aged 65 and older. 

Eighteen percent of respondents said the American dream was defined by home ownership. And 7 percent said it meant going to college or paying off student loans. 

“Today, more Americans dream not of affluence, but of basic financial stability,” wrote Adam Levin, the co-founder of “That’s what both retirement and freedom from debt have in common. When Americans dream of retirement and freedom from debt, they dream of being able to exhale.”

Reformed Theology - Jesus on Every Page: 7 Reasons to Study Your Old Testament by David Murray

1. The Old Testament reveals Christ.
2. The Old Testament is a dictionary of Christian vocabulary.
3. The Old Testament is a manual for Christian living.
4. The Old Testament presents doctrine in story form.
5. The Old Testament comforts and encourages us.
6. The Old Testament saves souls.
7. The Old Testament makes you appreciate the New Testament more.

Grace to You - John MacArthur on the Deafening Silence of Evangelicals

Mashable - You Can Now Order the iPhone 5S in Apple's Online Store
The day Apple fans have been waiting for is here: The iPhone 5S is now available for purchase in Apple's online store.

The device is currently available in all three finishes — grey, silver and gold — and in all capacities, with pricing being $199 for the 16GB variant, $299 for the 32GB version and $399 for the 64GB one.
There's a bit of bad news, however, for those who have their eyes set on the gold iPhone 5S — the other two colors are available to ship in 1-3 business days, but the shipping date for the gold version merely says "October."

The iPhone 5C has been available for pre-order for a week. Currently, the shipping time for all colors and variants is "1-3 business days."

Mashable - See Apple's iPhone 5S From the Inside

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