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Doug Wilson - The Great Cat Poo Medallion |  Christians will have to choose between loyalty to America and Christ.

Our nation is a nation just like all the others, and we can spiral into spiritual apostasy just like all the others. We are now more than halfway down the line of statues in the royal hall of Charn, where the look of our earlier nobility has vanished and we are just three elections away from the coldest forms of despair. Just think — all over the world, drone strikes making the world safe for sodomy.

As a nation like all others, we do have the option of repentance as well. But the first sin requiring the deepest repentance will have to be that damn-fool notion of American exceptionalism.

This is why pastors have a particular and pressing duty here. If this despotic modern state is the idol of our age — and it is — then pastors have a pressing duty to prepare their parishioners to resist it. We have a duty to prepare our people to refuse to bow down when they hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer (Dan. 3:5). Those instruments seem odd to us today, and so does Nebuchadnezzar’s statue, but you may depend upon it — at the time, bowing down to that statue to that music at that time was about as mainstream as you could possibly get, and the only people left standing were the extremists and weirdos.

John warns Christians as little children, telling them to keep themselves from idols (1 John 5:21). This will be a pressing danger when the idolatry is mainstream, when paying your mortgage depends on conforming, when all the networks are asking what the big deal is, when we can’t buy or sell without offering that pinch of incense to the emperor, and the music has been playing for a good minute and a half now. People are starting to look. You see an official in the back writing down your name.

It is quite true that idolatry can exist as a matter of heart motive. Paul does says that greed is idolatry, for example (Eph. 5:5; Col. 3:5). But the idolatrous state doesn’t care if you are an idolater in your heart only — they will at some point insist that you register. We sometimes have a rarefied view of idolatry, thinking that such a sin could only be determined when we appear before God at the great judgment seat. We will appear there in order to answer His series of trick questions, and when He asks us which is more important, being American or Christian, we need to say, “Christian! Of course!”

But the trick questions aren’t there — they are all here.  Pastors don’t need to be preparing men to not deny Christ before the Father. They need to teach them how to not deny Him before men (Matt. 10:33).

Jay Dennis - Pornography and Pastors

Pastor, how can you broach the pornography issue? Here are seven easy steps.

  1. Use the pulpit and publications of your church to open the door of discussion by sharing pornography statistics as it relates to Christians. The Bible speaks openly about the dangers of sexual sin. As one who proclaims the whole counsel of God, so should you.
  2. Make resources available for any man (or woman) in your church such as the booklet Our Hardcore Battle Plan, A-Z which gives 26 practical tools to help win this fight. You provide resources for your congregation to grow spiritually, be sure to provide them with resources to overcome sin as well.
  3. Appeal to Christian men by asking them to get materials to share with other Christian men and their own sons. In-home discipleship is critical in parenting. This should be a topic that parents cover with their children.
  4. Ask the women in the church to pray for their husbands and mothers to pray for their sons. When wives and moms understand that this is the number one threat to their marriages and children, change can happen.
  5. Challenge every man to make the pornography free commitment, even those who are not struggling. We call it “Getting on the wall.” In our lobby of the church we have built a wall and asked those who will make the pornography free commitment to place their commitment card there for all to see. On you can get on a virtual wall.
  6. Encourage the discussion in the home and church about pornography. Encourage fathers and mothers to ask their children if they have ever been exposed to pornography and wives to ask their husbands if this is an issue for them.
  7. Make it a regular part of your preaching ministry to address sexual issues from a biblical perspective. Dedicate at least one Sunday to challenge your people to a pornography free lifestyle.

The Blaze - Satire Website Seemingly Predicted the Great Miley Cyrus Meltdown of 2013

Brian McKnight - Sciences and the Tower of Babel |

Science does what science can do. I love that. It can discover and it can find and it can see and it can observe and it can induce. It can tell me why a tomato, a juicy red one through and through can generate potent, pleasing reactions on my tongue and make a (turkey) bacon, chard and tomato sandwich pleasurable. It can take us to the moon and back, and it can see things and discern things on the moon that will perhaps change life here on Planet Earth.

But science goes Babel on us when it tells us that because pleasure is in the frontal cortex it is nothing but chemical reaction; science goes Babel on us when it denies the glorious mysteries of beauty, of the eye of faith, and the splendor of perceptions.

“Science,” Marilynne Robinson tells us in When I Was a Child I Read Books, “can give us knowledge, but it cannot give us wisdom” (18). Robinson, as you may know, is hardly against science; she’s all for it… as long as it does not build its own Tower of Babel.

Anthropologists tell us, in their own Babel-building, that religions are all alike, that they are myth-building edifices drawn up by humans who can’t otherwise explain something. So for them — I’m reading Robinson so I’ll quote her again — “religion is intrinsically a crude explanation strategy that should be dispelled and supplanted by science” (15).

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