Monday, September 9, 2013

All Around the Web - September 9, 2013

Real Clear Politics - How Big is the Federal Government? | I think you already know the answer to that.

Ron Edmondson - 7 Surprises Since Becoming a Pastor

People don’t understand the role
Various opinions of how a pastor should pastor
People lose their filter when talking to a pastor
The job is never finished
Everything isn’t always as seems
Sunday is coming
Some people love their pastor

The Solar System -- our home in space

C Michael Patton - Six Myths About Sola Scriptura

1. Sola Scriptura means that the Scripture is the only source of spiritual insight. 
2. Sola Scriptura means that there are not other authorities in our lives. 
3. Sola Scriptura does means that if it is not in the Bible it is not divinely binding. 
4. Sola Scriptura means that the Scriptures are an exhaustive source for us to know how to live our lives each day. 
5. Sola Scriptura was invented by Protestant Reformers 
6. Those who hold to sola Scriptura are uncertain about the canon of Scripture

Everyday Theology - The Omnipresent Smart Phone | Put your phone down!!

The Blaze - Here Are the (Really Bad) Ratings for Al Jazeera America’s First Week on Air

Nielsen has issued its audience size ratings for first few days Al Jazeera America was on the air, and the news for the network is not good.

The highest rated show on the network which launched last week was Thursday’s edition of “Real Money with Ali Velshi,” which drew 54,000 total viewers, according to TV Newser.

“AJAM’s launch ratings were pretty low by traditional cable news standards,” writes TV Newser, a website run by that’s followed by many in the television news industry.

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