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Eric Metaxas - Compensate the Victims of Forced Sterilization
The 1924 Virginia law was one of many such laws enacted across the country. For those who associated the word “eugenics” with Hitler’s Third Reich, the uncomfortable fact is that much of what the Nazis knew about building a “master race” they learned from the United States.
The attempt to play God sometimes went to absurd lengths: a proposed New York law would have barred marriage between the nearsighted and those with 20/20 vision.

The case that made Virginia the poster-child for apple pie eugenics involved Carrie Buck, an 18-year-old who became pregnant after being, in all likelihood, raped by her adoptive parents’ nephew. Attempting to salvage the family’s reputation, they had Carrie committed to the Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded.

The colony’s superintendent filed a petition to have Carrie sterilized. In addition to Carrie’s alleged “feeblemindedness,” he cited her mother’s equally-alleged mental retardation and supposed history of “immorality.”

Thus, sterilizing Carrie would nip this particularly noxious plant in the bud before it spoiled the garden.

The Gospel Coalition - When Women Lust
We all know that men struggle with lust. But what about women? While it's becoming more common to hear of women's struggles with pornography use, many women still perceive that they have the moral high ground over men. Such comparisons don't help because men and women often struggle in different ways.

When a beautiful woman walks in the room or flashes on a screen or billboard, all eyes are transfixed. While men might be thinking about sex, a woman might be thinking, I wonder what it would be like to have such a body? Men want the body, women want the body. They want the body that attracts everyone. Lust can be either a strong feeling of sexual desire, or a strong desire for something.

We know when a man has sinned as he takes the body he wants through indulging in pornography or visiting a prostitute. But what does it look like for a woman to act out on her lust? She cannot take the body she desires to have, so what does she do? For the most part, her sin remains hidden. Still, there are some tell-tale signs of her sin, which I will describe in the first person because I struggle with this too.

Ron Edmondson - 7 Strong, but Hopefully Helpful Words for Pastors
You aren’t promised church growth
You’ll never please everyone
Your call is bigger than your assignment
They are talking about you
Your priority isn’t always their perceived priority for you
They don’t love your family as much as you do
Your biggest reward is yet to come

Albert Mohler - Is the Enemy of My Enemy My Friend?—An Old Question in a New Age
We are not living in a season of peace. Thinking Christians must surely be aware that a great moral and spiritual conflict is taking shape all around us, with multiple fronts of battle and issues of great importance at stake. The prophet Jeremiah repeatedly warned of those who would falsely declare peace when there is no peace. The Bible defines the Christian life in terms of spiritual battle, and believers in this generation face the fact that the very existence of truth is at stake in our current struggle.

The condition of warfare brings a unique set of moral challenges to the table, and the great moral and cultural battles of our times are no different. Even ancient thinkers knew this, and many of their maxims of warfare are still commonly cited. Among the most popular of these is a maxim that was known by many of the ancients: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

That maxim has survived as a modern principle of foreign policy. It explains why states that have been at war against one another can, in a very short period of time, become allies against a common enemy. In World War II, the Soviet Union began as an ally of Nazi Germany. Yet, it ended the war as a key ally of the United States and Britain. How? It joined the effort against Hitler and became the instant “friend” of the Americans and the British. And yet, as that great war came to an end, the Soviets and their former allies entered a new phase of open hostility known as the Cold War.

9Marks - Nine Marks of a Prosperity Gospel Church

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