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All Around the Web - January 20, 2014

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Daily Mail - Children who watch too much TV may have 'damaged brain structures'
Watching too much television can change the structure of a child's brain in a damaging way, according to a new study.

Researchers found that the more time a child spent viewing TV, the more profound the brain alterations appeared to be.

The Japanese study looked at 276 children aged between five and 18, who watched between zero and four hours TV per day, with the average being about two hours.

Moore of the Point - Questions & Ethics – When dating, how much should a Christian know about a future spouse’s sexual history?
“Questions & Ethics,” a new podcast answering listener-generated questions related to culture and ethics, will launch today on, the official website of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and here on

Dr. Moore will host the podcast and answer questions on issues such as marriage, pornography, immigration and pop culture.

“This program is devoted to interacting with you about questions related to ethics and what it means to follow Christ in today’s culture,” Dr. Moore said. “It will address questions such as, ‘How do we live as Christians in our workplaces, in our families, around our dinner table?’”

In this episode, he discusses the importance of knowing your spouse’s sexual history and when it’s the right time to ask

Thom Rainer - An Open Letter to My Denomination: Have We Lost Our First Love?
I could be writing to a broader audience. Perhaps I should be. And I know many outside our denomination will read this brief letter. I hope those readers will bear with me as I have a “family discussion.”

Please hear me clearly. I am not writing out of any sense of superiority. Indeed, many of you could put me to shame. But my heart is breaking with what I perceive to be a loss of passion for those who do not know Christ. Many of you have seen the numbers. We are reaching fewer people for the gospel today than we did decades ago when we were a much smaller group.

The First Love

Where is the passion in most of our churches to reach the lost? Where is the passion among our leaders, both in our churches and in our denomination? Jesus told those at the church at Ephesus that they had sound doctrine, that they hated evil (Revelation 2:1-7). But He also told them they had lost their first love. When we truly love Jesus with all of our hearts, we can’t help but tell others about Him. We can’t help but share the good news.

I thank God for our contending for the faith. I thank God for our affirmation of the total truthfulness of Scripture. I thank God for orthodoxy. But I pray that it is not becoming a dead orthodoxy—an orthodoxy that has lost its first love.

Hunter Baker - Google Glass and the End of Racism*
Brand dominates everything in our social and commercial lives.  I have a massive attachment to the Honda brand.  I have come to associate it with cars that offer durability, reliability, and fuel efficiency at a reasonable cost.  As a result, I bought my last three cars from the company.  My family has been similarly affected.  Between my parents, my sister and her husband, and my wife and me, we have purchased about 12 cars from Honda in the past quarter century.  It has become our go-to brand.  Why don’t we re-evaluate the whole thing every time there is a buying decision?  Because information, once we believe we can rely upon it, is like an investment that pays off for years to come.  Once you know something, you can worry about figuring out other matters. 

When we think about brand and automobiles, the association is pretty non-threatening.  Of course, we will be attached to certain brands and often with good reason.  The Honda brand is not irrational in terms of what it offers.  It doesn’t purport to provide romance or status prestige.  It offers clear, consistent value.  But there is a darker and more unjust side to brand.  We use brand as a form of social intelligence which applies to persons as much as to manufactured goods.

Yahoo! News - One in 10 babies in England are now Muslims: census
Almost one in 10 babies and toddlers in England and Wales are Muslim, according to new analysis of census figures published Friday, illustrating the growth of the minority community.

Some 317,952 children aged under five, or 9.1 percent, were registered as being Muslim in the 2011 census, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show.

As a measure of how the religious demographics of England and Wales are changing, the figure is nearly double the 4.8 percent of the whole population who are Muslim, while fewer than one in 200 people aged over 85 are Muslim.

It is also an 80 percent increase on the 176,264 Muslim under-fives recorded in the 2001 census.

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