Saturday, February 8, 2014

What Does This Have to do With Weather?

Unless the Weather Channel is on at a restaurant or somewhere else in public, the only time I turn it on is when severe weather threatens me or someone I love. So maybe I am out of touch with the direction the Weather Channel is going, but what is the following video doing on the Weather Channel website?

Am I to believe that all that we know about the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is to be thrown out the window because of camel bones? Have these journalists overlooked the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and thousands of other ancient manuscripts that predate the "camel discovery" by hundreds of years which cite, verbatim, passages from both the Old and New Testament? Am I to disregard the early Church fathers and the Jewish rabbis who quote Scripture? Don't you think all of them would have been struck by the idea that Abraham and the other Patriarchs rode camels even though they had never seen one in their region?

If this is journalism, then journalism is dead. Maybe the Weather Channel should stick to, I don't know, weather.
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