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All Around the Web - April 3, 2014

Breitbart - Pornography Websites 'Accessed by 44,000 Primary School Children'
Pornography websites were accessed by at least 44,000 primary school children in one month, online research showed Friday, amid calls for greater restrictions on providers.

The Authority for Television on Demand (Atvod) tracked the actions of children in Britain in December 2013 and found that one in 35 of six- to 11-year-olds online clicked onto an adult website.

Some 200,000 aged under 16 -- one in 16 who went online -- also accessed an adult website in the same month, while one in five teenage boys under 18 were clicking on porn, the online video regulator said.

One adult site, Pornhub, which allows users unrestricted access to thousands of hardcore porn videos free of charge attracted 112,000 of the teenagers.

Atvod is calling on the government to act urgently to protect children from adult material and introduce laws forcing pornography websites to carry out age checks before allowing access.

RC Sproul, Jr. - Phelps, Driscoll, and Gothard
Though I hope you will stick around and see this piece through to the bitter end, I must confess to a bit of bait and switch. You will find precious little in what follows about the death of Fred Phelps, the apology of Mark Driscoll, nor the resignation of Bill Gothard. What you will find is an explanation for why they are in my title but not in my piece.

Like most people I long for approval. Like most people I look for it not only in the wrong places, but with the wrong measuring sticks. The high that drives our social media addiction, I suspect, is the reaction. Were Facebook just as it is, but without likes and comments, were twitter just as it is, but without responses and retweets, both would have died young. It’s not enough that people interact with what we write, the interaction must come in measurable forms. It’s not enough that we learn from others via social media, we have to know that others are learning from us.

The problem is that just as everything looks like a nail to a man with a hammer, once we let in our hunger for hits and comments and retweets we begin to look at the world, and our lives as fodder. Soon we find ourselves not talking about Jesus, and all He has done for us and is doing in us, because who would want to read that, but talking about all the buzz at Westboro Baptist, Mars Hill and the Institute of Basic Life Principles. To find something to say about the stories of the day we surf the interwebs reading what others have to say about the stories of the day. Which in turn feeds the same beast, and what we have is an information, sometimes misinformation, bubble.

Kimberly Sachta - To All the Girls Who Didn’t Say No
One of the most profound days of my life was the day I told my Mom and Dad I was pregnant. I wasn’t married. I had just moved home and out of the apartment I shared with my boyfriend. I was beginning my first semester at a technical college trying to make the most of my messed up life. It was far from stable. After my parents took in the initial shock, and having some long conversation with them, I will never forget the small smile that emerged from my Mom’s face as she said, “I am going to be a Grandma.”

When my daughter was six months old, we were all invited to a family reunion. My relatives hadn’t seen me since before I was pregnant. I was nervous. What would they think? Thankfully I had sunglasses on so they wouldn’t see the shame in my eyes. As we pulled up to the park on that sunny day my Dad got out of the car and went around and took his grand daughter out of her car seat. He proceeded to walk towards the picnic tables full of people chatting away and eating potato salad. I will never forget how proud he looked as he carried her high up in his arms so everyone could see how beautiful she was. And she was. And all of a sudden I could breath easier. Not only was my Dad accepting of me and my child, but he had great joy in sharing her with everyone. It didn’t matter to me anymore what anyone else thought. And I didn’t realize it back then, that the Lord would use my earthly Father that day, to show me the incredible love He had for me as my heavenly Father.

John StonestreetGetting It Over With: What Euthanasia Steals from Us
Friends, euthanasia and assisted suicide will take these difficult but incredibly important moments away from us. We need these moments, to stretch our understanding of love, to deepen our relational thinking and to help our generation steward the heritage given to us by past generations. A culture that just wants to “get it over with” is a dehumanizing one.

It’s hard for my grandfather to depend completely on others right now. But it’s good for him, too, both to see people loving him and to let those people serve him. It’s good for him to know his frailty as he prepares to meet God. And it’s good for married couples to walk through the commitment that they made, “’til death do us part, as long as we both shall live.”

Currently, five states allow assisted suicide, and Colorado may be poised to become the sixth. We can’t let ourselves be manipulated by this culture of death. We must overwhelm it with life, one bedside at a time.

My Fox Detroit - Porn-Apocalypse: The business of porn is going out of business | I highlight this article not because I have no problems w/ it, but because it raises an important point. Any talk of the death of porn is misleading. Certainly the porn industry is fading but in its place is free amateur porn. It is ironic that what made pornography so mainstream, the Internet, is becoming its downfall. Westerners are not turning away from porn, they are refusing to buy it. To make matters worse, they prefer pornography that victimizes innocent victims.
Porn is everywhere, except in the porn capital, Los Angeles. Pornographers try to stay relevant at a time when the internet is giving it away for free. 

The saturation of free porn on the internet means "The Valley" is losing its once very profitable industry.  Throw the condom law into the mix and they're really in trouble. Who wants to buy a DVD or order a movie on their cable system when they can call up porn on their computer free of charge?

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