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All Around the Web - May 23, 2014

Thom Rainer - Five Implications for Churches as the Boomers Retire
  1. They will have less money to give to churches. Their predecessor generation, the Builders, have been the most generous to churches and other charitable organizations. But that oldest generation is fading quickly from the scene. Churches are already feeling the pain of the loss of income from that generation. And now another challenge is taking place. Boomers are retiring, which typically means lower income. And lower income means diminished giving to churches.
  2. Some will have more volunteer time. But their retirement will break previous patterns. Many of these Boomers will continue to seek atypical retirement opportunities. There will be few “rocking chair” retirees among the Boomers. How can churches attract those Boomers who will have more discretionary time? Perhaps the next implication can answer that question.
  3. Most of the Boomers still want to change the world. Many of them may be disillusioned after four decades of work that was not meaningful and life changing. But they still have the spirit of the 60s, a spirit that desires to be different and to make a difference. If congregations can offer retiring Boomers such opportunities, there could be a surge of Boomer church adherents.
  4. Many of the Boomers will be traveling more. So some of our churches’ most faithful attendees will be conspicuously absent as they have this new discretionary time. They will be traveling for pleasure, visiting grandchildren, and traveling to places where they believe they can make a difference.
  5. Retiring Boomers will kill traditional church senior adult ministries. The primary reason is that most of them don’t like to be categorized as senior adults. The secondary reason is they would be bored silly with some of the potlucks, travels, and activities of churches that attempt to keep their current senior adults happy.

Matt Capps - How Do We Mobilize The Church For Evangelism?

Joe Carter - 9 Things You Should Know About the Gospel Coalition
1. TGC serves Christians and the local church by promoting gospel-centered ministry and providing gospel-centered resources for the global church. TGC attempts to do this in 5 ways: (1) Centering the Church in the gospel of Jesus Christ, (2) gathering a fellowship of likeminded believers who want to do gospel-centered ministry, (3) equipping Christians with thoughtful, relevant content for life and study, (4) providing biblical materials and training for the global church, and (5) innovating through initiatives that integrate the gospel into daily life.

2. The ministry of TGC consists of a council of pastors, a website (in English, Spanish, and French), a biennial National Conference, a biennial Women's Conference, various publications, a theological journal (Themelios), a dozen Regional Chapters, an International Outreach initiative dedicated to relieving theological famine around the globe, and much more.

David Platt - Church and Kingdom

Family Studies - The Irony of the Overprotect Child
In the cover article of the latest issue of The Atlantic, Hanna Rosin offers an intriguing look at the tendency of contemporary American parents to over-supervise and overprotect their kids.

As Rosin notes, most parents today perceive that their own childhoods were quite different than the way today’s children are growing up.  Childhood today is more structured, more scripted, more sterile, and presumably, safer (more on that presumption later).

In interviews my colleagues and I conducted with 100 parents around the United States, nearly all respondents remember childhoods of nearly unlimited freedom, when they could ride bicycles and wander through woods, streets, and parks unmonitored by their parents. Many parents remember being instructed to “come home when the street lights go on.”

48 Successful People With Unique Hobbies

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