Tuesday, May 27, 2014

John MacArthur Claims the Islamic Long-Awaited Mahdi is the Antichrist

In his exposition of Mark 13:1-13, John MacArthur makes an interesting claim: Islam and its long awaited Mahdi will be the biblical antichrist and usher in the end times. The sermon is entitled The Grim Reality of the Last Days and in it he states:
Let me summarize. The Mahdi will be a messianic figure. He will be a descendant of Mohammed. He will be an unparalleled, unequaled leader. He will come out of a crisis of turmoil. He will take control of the world. He will establish a new world order. He will destroy all who resist him. He will invade many nations. He will make a seven-year peace treaty with the Jews. He will conquer Israel and massacre the Jews. He will establish Islamic world headquarters at Jerusalem. He will rule for seven years, establish Islam as the only religion. He will come on a white horse with supernatural power. He will be loved by all people on earth.

If that sounds familiar, that is a precise description of the biblical Antichrist...absolutely step-by-step-by-step-by-step. The Bible’s Antichrist is their Mahdi. We know that the rider on the white horse in Revelation 6 is the Antichrist. They use that verse to describe their Mahdi.

Why am I giving you all this? Because the description of the Mahdi is exactly the description of the biblical Antichrist, the beast of Revelation 13, and you go into any kind of a study of that and you will find that all the details match up perfectly. The Bible’s Antichrist is Islam’s Savior and world conqueror who establishes a universal Islamic kingdom.
Although I am normally a huge fan of MacArthur, I cannot follow him here.  I do not think a pastor should speak with such certainty on matters of eschatology. No one can predict who the mysterious antichrist will be and MacArthur's words will likely lead his congregation to fear or even hate Muslims rather than to reach them.

Here is the sermon:

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