Monday, May 26, 2014

Paedophiles Were Born that Way?: We are on the Slippery Slope

Ideas have consequences and the West will make the bed it is sleeping in. The moral argument based on assumed sexual orientation will result in an unchecked slippery slope.

A recent study suggests pedophiles have a natural inclination toward underage children. This is not a new argument, but its recent presence is a reminder what the dangerous road we are traveling on. After years of being told that sexual lifestyles like homosexuality and bisexuality should be normalized and legalized (and even enforced at the great cost of religious liberty) based on supposed evidence that "they were born that way," we are now without any moral or ethical foundation for condemning (let alone criminalizing) pedophilia.

The first amendment of the erotic bill of rights reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of erotic morality, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Therefore, as the sexual movement moves forward will society be able to stop the sexual slippery slope from normalizing a sexual lifestyle that victimizes children? I am afraid not.*

CBS Atlantic - Study: Pedophiles’ Brains ‘Abnormally Tuned’ To Find Young Children Attractive   

* I address the issue of "born that way theology" in my book Logizomai: A Reasonable Faith in an Unreasonable World.

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