Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Gospel Coalition Explains Recent Changes

In a joint article, Tim Keller and D. A. Carson (founders and proprietors of the Gospel coalition) explain some of the recent changes at TGC most notabally Tullian Tchividjian moving his blog to Liberate and Joshua Harris and C. J. Mahaney stepping down as council members.

On Tchividjian:
In Tullian’s case, it was obvious to observers that for some time there has been an increasingly strident debate going on around the issue of sanctification. The differences were doctrinal and probably even more matters of pastoral practice and wisdom. Recently it became clear that the dispute was becoming increasingly sharp and divisive rather than moving toward greater unity. Earlier in the year our executive director spent two days with Tullian in Florida. Coming out of that meeting, it was decided that Tullian would move his blog. Finally the Council at its meeting last week decided that Tullian should move his blog immediately, and we communicated this conclusion to Tullian.
For context, see Tullian's original article on sanctification here and his farewell article here.

On Harris and Mahaney:
Both Joshua Harris and C. J. Mahaney were Council members who resigned their position, but though they came at the same time, it would be mistaken to think the reasons and processes for these decisions were the same. C. J. had been considering stepping out for a good while—both a year ago and a month ago he offered to do so for a variety of reasons, including a major move and change in his role, the responsibilities of a new church plant, and other issues. Joshua has spoken publicly about his reasons for resigning. In light of the ongoing civil suit against his church he felt it best for TGC if he stepped down.
You can read the rest here.

There isn't much new here. I think everyone was already aware that Tchividjian was asked to leave due to the recent debate on sanctification. Although I have not looked at all the issues closely, I am not sure the doctrinal differences between Tullian and other reformed leaders were so great as to warrant his leaving. Nonetheless, what is done is done.

For a rundown of the sanctification debate, I recommend Kevin DeYoung's article (published at TGC) What We All Agree On, and What We (Probably) Don’t, In this Sanctification Debate.

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