Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Heresies of Benny Hinn

In a blog post published on the Grace to You website, Justin Peters listed a small sampling of some of Hinn’s heresies, false prophecies, and outlandish claims spanning almost four decades. Here is that list.
  • Claims he and a Catholic priest channeled the power of God to heal practically every patient at a hospital in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada.[7]
  • Claimed to have video of Jesus walking around in one of his meetings.  When asked to show the video, his staff said it had been “misplaced.”[8]
  • On Dec. 31, 1989, Hinn went into a trance and said God was giving him (in real time) prophecies about major events that would occur before the end of the next decade. Hinn predicted the total collapse of the American economy within a decade. He declared that during the 1990s the East Coast would be be ravaged by earthquakes; a female would be elected as president; Fidel Castro would die in office; a “short man dictator” would arise; the rapture of the church would occur; and the homosexual community of America would be destroyed by fire “in ’94 or ’95, no later than that.”[9]
  • Claimed God told him by divine revelation that there are nine members in the Godhead.[10]
  • Claimed that as a young man he was in his room talking to the Holy Spirit.  When called to supper by the “woman of the house,” he said, “as I was about to leave, I felt someone take my hand and say, ‘Five more minutes.  Just five more minutes.’  The Holy Spirit longed for my fellowship.”[12]
  • Claimed that an image of Jesus appeared on the wall of his church and “stayed for eight weeks.”  Hinn says, “Even the people who studied the Shroud of Turin came to see this image. …the mouth [of Jesus] would move, the Lord’s mouth would move…but His mouth would only move as I was preaching.”[13]
  • Claimed (repeatedly) that he once saw a man raised from the dead on the platform on which he was standing.  When later questioned by a reporter about the incident he said, “I did not see it.  In that one case we did hear about it.”[14]
  • Regularly “slays in the Spirit” people who get up on stage by touching them on the forehead or cheeks, waving his coat at them, or yelling, “Fire!”  Once he even managed to slay himself!  This practice has not one shred of biblical support.[15]
  • Claimed to have a department that verifies all his healings.[16] I have spoken with a former employee of Hinn who says not only that the healings are not verified but that such a department does not even exist.
  • Seed-faith theology is a staple in Hinn’s teaching. He promises people that if they “sow a seed” (translated, give him money), God will give them a “harvest.”
  • Teaches that “if the preaching of the gospel lacks signs and wonders, it’s an empty shell.”[17]
  • Claimed the Holy Spirit told him women were originally intended to give birth out of their sides.[11]

Justin Peters suffers from cerebral palsy and once went to a charismatic prosperity preacher for healing only to be disappointed. Ever since he has "seen the light" and has actively sought to expose the rampant heresies of the prosperity preachers regularly featured on religious television.

The best place to be informed of the danger of this movement I highlight recommend the three following videos featuring Peters.

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