Friday, May 2, 2014

"You cannot create chaos and then try to create one little neighborhood of order"

Earlier today in his daily Briefing podcast, Dr. R. Albert Mohler tackles the challenge of the ongoing sexual revolution especially on our college campuses. Commenting on the article 55 Colleges Named in Federal Inquiry Into Handling of Sexual Assault Cases published in the New York Times Mohler said (from the podcast transcript):
But ours is a time not only of moral change, but of grave moral confusion. And as you look at the media over the last week, one big story points perhaps more than any other to that moral confusion. That big story is the fact that the White House and President Obama have said they are going to give increased attention to the problem of sexual assault on America’s college and university campuses. Now let’s be clear. Everything that can be done by anyone to stop the plague of sexual assault anywhere must be done, and there is a clear moral scandal here as many colleges and universities have been hiding the fact that there have been many assaults, rapes, and other sexual crimes that have taken place on their campuses and have been hidden and unreported and covered over. That is a scandal. But there’s another scandal here, and that is the actual approach taken by a society that tries to act as if sexual morality doesn’t matter until it comes to the point of rape or assault. In other words, that tries to act as if the only significant moral issue at stake is consent. 
He then discusses how in previous generations, virtually all colleges and universities - private and public, religious and secular - barred sexual contact among its students. Now, however, students go to college assuming they will fornicate. He then adds:
Now you have parents sending their kids to universities, expecting that their kids will have sex. And what they want to say now is just have safe sex, and what they want to say to their sons is ‘don’t get arrested as you have sex’. They want to act as if sexual morality doesn’t matter in this postmodern, post-Christian secular age until the issue comes to consent. Furthermore, you have the rampant use of drugs and especially of beverage alcohol in these campuses; you have a hooking-up culture that celebrates rampant misbehavior; and you have a recipe for disaster. And now on the other side of this insanity, you do not have the Obama Administration led by the president saying let’s recover some moral sanity here; let’s recover some sexual sanity here. Instead, they’re saying let’s go ahead and accept the sexual insanity of believing that consent is the only issue and then let’s draw our line at consent and let’s try to hold everyone accountable simply at the level of consent. And then you end up with all these sex codes and investigations and policies and all the rest, the sole purpose of which is simply to determine whether or not someone gave consent to an activity that may later alleged to have been nonconsensual.

Now that’s going to put America’s colleges and universities, but also the larger society as a whole, on trial here. How is it possible that you can draw the line and say the only significant moral issue is consent? How then are you going to measure this? How are you going to write adequate rules for this? The reality is you can’t write enough rules. How are you going to define where consent does and does not exist? You can’t possibly come up with a failsafe (sic) operation that will always ensure that. How are you going to come up with an adequate investigative or judicial process in order to protect all persons involved? You can’t. This is a charade. It’s an exercise in absolute nonsense. This is the kind of moral debate that would make sense in Alice in Wonderland, but doesn’t make sense in the real world. And you have college campuses that, furthermore, are holding things like “sex week” in which they celebrate all kinds of pornography and explicit sexuality and then they want to say, “But remember: all that’s good. All you have to worry about is consent.” It is nonsense. It is irrational. But as the nation’s major media trumpeted all during this week, it makes sense to someone who puts it on the front page of their paper and it makes sense to someone in the White House who says let’s make this a matter of national policy. [End] sexual assault, you bet, punish those guilty; absolutely. But will that solve the problem if the sole sexual moral issue that is held forth is consent? No, it will not. You cannot create chaos and then try to create one little neighborhood of order.
That last sentence is worth repeating: You cannot create chaos and then try to create one little neighborhood of order.
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