Monday, June 16, 2014

All Around the Web - June 16, 2014

Denny Burk - 10 ways to love your transgender neighbor
1. Be a friend.
2. Listen.
3. Feel compassion.
4. Share the gospel.
5. Speak the truth.
6. Be candid about differences.
7. Oppose bullying.
8. Receive your brothers and sisters.
9. Strengthen your brothers and sisters.
10. Pray.

Towers - Seven questions with Paul Pressler about the Conservative Resurgence
Thirty-five years ago this June, Tennessee pastor Adrian Rogers became the first theologically conservative president of the Southern Baptist Convention as part of the effort now called the Conservative Resurgence. Here, Towers editor Aaron Cline Hanbury asks Judge Paul Pressler, who is one of a small group of men who planned, organized and helped carry out the Conservative Resurgence within the Southern Baptist Convention, about the election of Rogers as president of the convention, and about the conservative movement in general. Edited for clarity.

1. When did you begin thinking about the need for reform in the SBC?

I went to Philip Andover, a boy’s prep school when I was 16. And the Baptist pastor there was very liberal, and his wife was from North Carolina — she came from a liberal group in North Carolina of Southern Baptists. And that’s when I first realized there were problems. And I picked up little pieces like that, and then Ralph Elliot’s book [The Message of Genesis] was a real eye-opener shocker to me.

2. What needed to happen in the convention from a process perspective in order to succeed?

I learned from Bill Powell, who was the editor of Southern Baptist Journal, of the way the convention works, with the president appointing the committee on committees, and the committee appoints the committee on nomination that nominates all the trustees. And, the way my mind works, I don’t care how many resolutions you pass, if you don’t have the power to carry out those resolutions, you don’t accomplish anything. So my influence was to direct us not to pass resolutions, necessarily — that’s fine and good, if you want to, but, instead, to elect officers who could get the right people in the right places to do things.

Crossway - 10 Things You Should Know About Church Elders
1. Elders are shepherds.
2. Elders are pastors.
3. Elders are plural.
4. Elders must be godly.
5. Elders should model godliness.
6. Elders should teach.
7. Elders must lead.
8. Elder leadership starts at home.
9. Elders must be men.
10. Elders are not Jesus.

Justin Taylor - Should Augustine’s Name Be Pronounced *AW*-gus-teen or aw-*GUS*-tin?
David Horner, professor of biblical and theological studies at Biola University, seeks to answer the age-old dispute:
[W]hile consideration of the Latin original of Augustine’s name does not determine a single, grammatically obligatory English pronunciation, it does suggest that aw-GUS-tin is the more fitting or appropriate pronunciation. This is because the latter most closely preserves the distinctive placement of the accent in the original. As we have seen, Augustine’s Latin name is properly pronounced ow-goost-EE-nus, with the accent on the penultimate syllable.

Live Science - Condom Use Drops Among US Teens
The percentage of sexually active teens who use condoms has declined over the last decade, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 2013, 59 percent of high school students who had sex in the last three months said they used a condom during their last sexual encounter, down from 63 percent in 2003, the report said.

The recent decline follows a period of rising condom use — between 1991 and 2003, the percentage of high school students who used a condom during their last sexual encounter increased from 46 percent to 63 percent.  

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