Wednesday, June 4, 2014

All Around the Web - June 4, 2014

Russell Moore - Questions & Ethics: How could future technology change sexual temptation?
Russell Moore discusses how future technology could change sexual temptations.

Russell Moore - Conservative Christianity and the transgender question
The Internet is abuzz with conversation about the “T” in “LGBT” this week, after California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law legislation supporting “equal access” for students who believe themselves to be the opposite gender from their biological sex. As a conservative evangelical Christian, I believe the so-called transgender question will require a church with a strong theological grounding, and a winsome pastoral footing.

Here’s why.

Ultimately, the transgender question is about more than just sex. It’s about what it means to be human.
Poet Wendell Berry responded to techno-utopian scientism with the observation that civilization must decide whether we see persons as creatures or as machines. If we are creatures, he argued, then we have purpose and meaning, but also limits. If we see ourselves, and the world around us, as a machine, then we believe the Faustian myth of our own limitless power to recreate ourselves.

I Am Second - Kay Robertson

Matt Capps - How To Recognize Our Arrogance
1. You believe few people are as smart as you are.
2. Your first reaction to negative is to be defensive or to cast blame on others.
3. Titles matter to you.
4. You assume your organization cannot fail.
5. Not knowing “insider information” bothers you.
6. You are disconnected from your team members.
7. Spiritual disciplines are secondary, if not non-existent, in your life.
8. No one has permission to speak truth into your life.
9. Other people see you as arrogant.
10. This post bothers you . . . or doesn’t bother you.

Tim Challies - The False Teachers: Creflo Dollar
Creflo Dollar is one of the foremost proponents of what has become known as the prosperity gospel. This doctrine teaches that God has promised his people financial and other forms of prosperity in this life, if only God’s people will take the necessary steps to claim it. A uniquely American creation, this false teaching has since been exported across the world where it has especially taken root in the developing world. In one of his Bible studies Dollar lays it out:
As the righteousness of God, your inheritance of wealth and riches is included in the “spiritual blessings” (or spiritual things) the apostle Paul spoke of in Ephesians 1:5. Based on Psalm 112:3, righteousness, wealth and riches go hand—in—hand. You have every right to possess material wealth—clothes, jewelry, houses, cars and money—in abundance. It is that wealth that not only meets your needs, but also spreads the Gospel message and meets the needs of others.
The Bible says that wealth is stored up for the righteous (Proverbs 13:22, New American Standard). However, it will remain stored up until you claim it. Therefore, claim it now! You possess the ability to seize and command wealth and riches to come to you (Deuteronomy 8:18). Exercise that power by speaking faith-filled words daily and taking practical steps to eradicate debt. Like God, you can speak spiritual blessings into existence (Romans 4:17). Remember, doubt keeps silent, but faith speaks!”

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