Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Free ebook - "Good: The Joy of Christian Manhood and Womanhood" from Desiring God

The good folks at Desiring God have published a book on complementarianism called Good: The Joy of Christian Manhood and Womanhood. The book is available as a free digital download. Some of the biggest names in comlimentarianism, including John Piper, Owen Strachan, and Denny Burk, have contributed to the book. Here is the Table of Contents:
John Piper

Introduction: How Does the Gospel Shape Gender?
Owen Strachan

Chapter 1: Being a Man and Acting Like One
Jonathan Parnell

Chapter 2: Masculinity Handed Down
Joe Rigney

Chapter 3: The Happy Call to Holistic Provision
David Mathis

Chapter 4: The Feminine Focus
Trillia Newbell

Chapter 5: The Nature of a Woman’s Nurture
Gloria Furman

Chapter 6: What Is Submission?
Christina Fox

Chapter 7: Everyday Godward
Tony Reinke

Chapter 8: Discipline for Our Good
Andy Naselli

Chapter 9: Training Our Kids in a Transgender World
Denny Burk

Chapter 10: Good News for the Not-Yet-Married
Marshall Segal

Chapter 11: Purity We Can Count On
Grant & Grace Anna Castleberry

Chapter 12: My Recovery from Feminism
Courtney Reissig

Chapter 13: Immature Manhood and the Hope of Something Better
Brandon Smith

Afterword: The Glad Conviction
Jonathan Parnell

To download the book as a .pdf click here. To download it as a EPUB file click here. To download it as a MOBI file click here.

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