Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why We Should All Hate Religion & Love the Gospel

Jesus hates religion and so should you. The converse is equally true: Jesus loves the gospel and so should you. Collected from a number of sources (see below) along with some of my observations, here are some contrasts between religion and the gospel.
1.    Religion is all about me. The gospel is all about Christ.
2.    Religion is all about what I do. The gospel is all about what Christ has done.
3.    Religion begins w/ my obedience & ends w/ God’s conditional love. The gospel begins w/ God’s unconditional love & bears the fruit of my obedience.
4.    Religion is all about your birth family. The gospel is all about new birth.
5.    Religions is about manipulating God for our own ends. The gospel is about receiving from God His Son for His glory
6.    In Religion, motivation is based on fear and insecurity. In the gospel, motivation is based on grateful joy.
7.    Religion doesn’t know what to do with suffering and pain. The gospel believes in “sanctified affliction.”
8.    Religion is outwardly pious, but inwardly corrupt. The gospel transforms the inside.
9.    Religion sees us as good & them as bad. The gospel sees us all as bad & God as good.
10.    A religious prayer usually consists mostly of petition especially in times of need b/c of their need to be in control. The gospel believer prays mostly praise & adoration in an effort to join in fellowship w/ God.
11.    Religion leads to a life of continual uncertainty. The gospel leads to a life of peace and assurance.
12.    Religion ends in pride or despair. The gospel ends in humility and joy.
13.    Religion is all Law. The gospel is all grace.
14.    Religion offers good advice. The gospel is good news.
Regarding this final point, Tullian Tchividjian observes:
1.    If the Law is the first word, Grace is the last.

2.    The Law exposes [us], while Grace exonerates [us].
3.    The law diagnoses, but Grace delivers.
4.    The Law accuses, Grace acquits.
5.    The Law condemns the best of us, while Grace saves the worst of us.
6.    The Law says ‘cursed,’ Grace says ‘blessed.’
7.    The Law says ‘slave,’ Grace says ‘son.’
8.    The Law says ‘guilty,’ Grace says ‘forgiven.’
9.    The Law can break a hard heart, but only Grace can heal one.”
Ultimately, we ought to conclude that religion is a cancer while the gospel is the cure.

Much of the above is repeated by Mark Driscoll in the following clip:

Other sources for the above include:

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