Saturday, August 9, 2014

All Around the Web - August 9, 2014

Russell Moore - Ann Coulter and Our Mission
In recent days, Donald Trump and Ann Coulter have kicked up a lot of social media dust about the Christian missionaries being treated for Ebola. Trump essentially patted missionaries on the head, saying its great if you go overseas to do stuff, but you pay the consequences. Coulter was, per usual, even worse. She argued that American Christians shouldn’t even be going to Africa. “Can’t people serve Christ in America anymore?” she asked.

Many Christians were horrified because they rightly understood that Coulter’s comments are a repudiation of the gospel and the Great Commission. Many felt betrayed. We should not feel betrayed, any more than we would when Howard Stern mocks us on the radio. The same thing is at work.

Ann Coulter has not suddenly pivoted to saying some outrageous, shocking thing. She’s made a living at it. Donald Trump is not suddenly a boor. He’s been playing this role for years. It doesn’t bother me what Trump or Coulter think about missiology or the Great Commission.

The Gospel Coalition - The Worst Thing You Could Say to a Preacher

John Stonestreet - Historiolatry
You’ve probably heard that Christians are “on the wrong side of history” when it comes to issues like same-sex marriage. It sounds ominous, and evokes Georg Hegel’s idea that human history is progressing in an ever more enlightened direction.

But treating right and wrong like an historical democracy is foolish. Nothing wrong becomes right, no matter how many generations agree on it. and beyond that, history is a fickle mistress, with people changing sides all the time.

The Gospel Coalition - She’s Not Perfect, But She’s Perfect for Me
My father-in-law has a profound little saying that sums up a biblical attitude spouses should have for one another. She’s not perfect, but she’s perfect for me.

Let’s examine the two parts.

She’s not perfect. By making this statement, the spouse reminds himself that he married another sinner. Too many partners are biting and devouring each other because they demand perfection. Many a wife has said, “I would have the perfect marriage if I had a more spiritual husband.” And many husbands are saying, “Why can’t my wife be more like this other woman?” In these unspoken thoughts we see unwillingness to accept the other person. We cannot see the log in our own eyes, but we can see clearly the speck in our spouse’s eye. We say to ourselves, “God has put me into his life to change him/her.” So we judge and nag and grumble and complain.

Jesus Freak Hideout - One-Album Wonders
As music fans, we hear a lot of new music all the time from promising new artists. Some national debut albums really leave a mark on us, getting us pumped for the artist's career ahead. Sadly, some of these artists never even make it to album number two before they stop making music, break up, or just disappear.

This list is a countdown of our Top 15 "One-Album Wonders" -- bands that released just one album before disappearing from the map for one reason or another -- leaving us to wonder what could have been with album number 2.

You'll find some named here that had indie EP's before their one, lone national debut; others who may have teased new music after that; a band who never even released anything more than just one little EP; and even one or two who may have released a very obscure indie follow-up, but semantics aside, all of these artists just gave us one album's worth (or less) of material to pique our interests before disappearing.

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