Friday, August 29, 2014

All Around the Web - David Platt Edition

On Wednesday, the Southern Baptist Convention hired pastor and best-selling author David Platt as President of the International Mission Board, one of the largest Protestant missionary agency in the world. The response has largely (overwhelmingly) positive and (really) exuberant. I for one could not be more thrilled with the announcement. Because there has been so much buzz regarding this election, I want to do a special edition of "All Around the Web" focused exclusively on Platt's election and the future of the IMB.

Blogizomai - David Platt Named IMB President
The old saying among pastors that a church doesn't simply choose anyone to fulfill the office of deacon. Rather, each deacon ought to carry themselves as one before ever asked or ordained to serve as one. The same is true when it comes to leading the International Mission Board. When looking for a suitable candidate to serve in one of the most important entities of the Southern Baptist Convention, it was imperative we chose not someone who wanted the title, but someone who was already doing the work.

I believe the search committee found the perfect candidate in David Platt.

Russell Moore - Why I’m Glad David Platt Is the New IMB President 
Today the trustees of our SBC International Mission Board elected my friend David Platt to serve as president, and I am radically happy. Here’s why.

I have been praying for a long, long time that he would be elected. Our IMB president must be one who can drive our missions focus in a new way for a new era. It’s not enough that Southern Baptists’ global missions leader motivates us all to give and to go (although he must do that). He must be someone who can connect from the Scriptures how the Great Commission, and especially our global Great Commission responsibilities, are the urgent concern of all of us. Most Christians know that Matthew 28 and Acts 1 command us to go, to reach the unreached with the gospel. We need though to be constantly reminded how every text, from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 is connected to the mission of reaching the nations.

In a rapidly shifting American culture, this means modeling a vision of why it is that cooperating together for this task is connected to everything else that we do. We need to activate and enthuse a new generation for the adventure of reaching the world with the gospel.

Baptist21 - Why David Platt Is A Great Choice For IMB President
 It has just been announced that David Platt is the next President of the IMB. We are so thankful for the Trustees hard work, and we could not be more excited for this election. Here are several reasons we think David Platt is a great choice:

Joe Carter - David Platt Elected as President of International Mission Board

Baptist Press - Platt Succeeds Ellif as IMB President
David Platt was elected president of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board today (Aug. 27) by board trustees, meeting at the IMB's International Learning Center in Rockville, Va.

Platt, 36, pastor of The Church at Brook Hills, a Southern Baptist congregation in Birmingham, Ala., will take office effective immediately as president of the 169-year-old organization, the largest denominational missionary-sending body among American evangelicals. More than 4,800 Southern Baptist international missionaries serve worldwide.

Platt succeeds former missionary, pastor and Southern Baptist Convention president Tom Elliff, 70, who has served as IMB president since March 2011. Elliff asked the agency's trustees earlier this year to begin an active search for his successor. Elliff and his wife Jeannie plan to return to their home state, Oklahoma.

JD Greer - What David Platt’s IMB Presidency Signals About Our Future
This morning, the International Mission Board (IMB) trustees announced David Platt as the new IMB President. I have no doubts that he is God’s man, chosen for this task in this hour. Personally, I could not be more thrilled. I think this is a wonderful gift of God to our Convention of churches.

On a personal level, no one has inspired me more toward believing God for the nations than David. There is no one I would trust more to steward the cooperative efforts of our church—together with the 42,000 other churches of the SBC—toward the completion of the Great Commission.

Over the last few years, I have watched David lead his church to give extraordinary amounts of money away to global missions through Southern Baptist agencies (in addition to other means). Furthermore, Brook Hills has been a pioneer in new ventures in mission. The Summit Church has learned much from Brook Hills, and I have learned much from David.

Philip Bethancourt - David Platt and the Future of the SBC
“We’d be all in!” Those are the words a friend of mine declared when I asked him a simple question several weeks ago. What would it mean for your church’s approach to the SBC if David Platt is elected as president of the IMB?

His church is emblematic of a group of younger generation leaders who have hovered around the fringes of SBC life. He was raised in an SBC church. Went to an SBC seminary. Planted an SBC church. By God’s grace, it became one of the fastest growing churches in his state.

But along the way he began to question the value of his church’s engagement in the SBC. Why put their energy and resources there when other opportunities for partnership exist that were less frustrating? Yet recently, connections with an SBC seminary combined with new leadership and vision at NAMB and the ERLC have reenergized his interest.

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