Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What is the Greatest Threat to Christianity?

Brian McLaren answers the above question with the following:
misguided Christians, just as the greatest threat to Islam is misguided Muslims and the greatest threat to Judaism is misguided Jews. Religious insiders can do harm to their religion in ways that outsiders never could. This is especially true in a pluralistic world, where religions are credible to the degree they bring benefits to outsiders. (source)
Has McLaren read the New Testament? Just taking the seven letters to the seven churches of Revelation reveal that Christ was not concerned with the early Christians being culturally insensitive and "misguided." His concern is that they would not be a peculiar people. Some had become lukewarm, tolerant of false doctrine, worldly, and forsaking their first love.

Liberals repeatedly tell the church, "be like the culture and you'll be relevant until the culture changes." The orthodox repeatedly proclaim, "be like Christ and you'll always be relevant."

As always, one of the greatest threats to Christianity is to listen to and follow wolves like McLaren.

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